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Why Preaching Nitai's Holy Name is More Beneficial than Directly Trying to Spread Krishna Nam?

(Nitaisevika dasi) #1

:blossom: Kaliyuga’s Influence on the Foolish Masses

As the condition of Kaliyuga worsens drastically day by day, making an attempt to directly preach about Krishna to the general populace has become a very risky task.

People are so much entrapped in illusion and have become so degraded, they ignorantly blaspheme Lord Krishna also. Thinking the Supreme Personality of Godhead Sri Krishna’s activities to be mundane, they question His doings and speculate on His pastimes, each individual providing their own distorted interpretation.

The almighty Supreme Truth, the cause of all causes, has become nothing but a cheap object of speculation, with the insignificant souls of the material world foolishly thinking they have the license to dismantle the meanings behind His inconceivable pastimes.

:tulip: Misconstrued Conception of Supreme Divinity

What makes it even more increasingly difficult to try and convince the ignorant masses of people about the glories of Krishna is the fact that they mistakenly believe that they already know Krishna. But we know very well that all they really have in their pockets is an erroneous, misconstrued conception of the Supreme Divinity. In essence, they know absolutely nothing.

We can see this by how people are forming so many offensive songs, movies, etc on Krishna and His Raas lila, trying to imitate them. The nature of all this work in itself is very demeaning, it is nothing but a mockery.

It is evident from their actions and ridiculous imitations of the Lord’s pastimes that they regard Krishna as a mundane individual, and thereby compare their own frivolous activities to Krishna’s pastimes.

:blossom: Painful Opposition to Krishna’s Pastimes

In this present abominable condition of theirs, when we approach them to speak about Krishna, the reaction of this kind attempt is indeed very unfavourable and does more harm than good.

When you try and tell them something about Krishna, they in turn speak some intolerable nonsense against the Lord instead. They start hurling baseless accusations on the Lord (calling Him a women hunter, diplomat, etc). Seeing the audacity is very painful. They question the supremacy of Krishna over other “gods” and the greatness of His holy names. Even worse, now with the majority of the population consisting of atheists and agnostics, there is no end to the offenses one must painstakingly hear while trying to preach.

In this way, the attempt to preach actually becomes a greater scope for them to commit more aparadha by indulging in direct blasphemy of the Lord. Instead of freeing them from miseries (which is supposed to be the point of preaching), it yields an opposite negative reaction by making them commit more offenses!

:tulip: Preacher’s Precarious Situation

However, here comes the scary part. The horrific reactions of these offensive statements fall not only on the speaker but also on the preacher. Both the preacher and the offender have to suffer the negative results of this blasphemy and condemnation.

The offender becomes even more entangled in the knots of his offenses and is subsequently deprived of all merit (sukriti) to come to the platform of loving devotional service any time soon. Moreover, hellish conditions are also awaiting for such an offender.

As of the preacher, even to hear such blasphemy is detrimental to one’s own bhajan. The ninth offense to the holy name is asraddadhane vimukhe’py asrnvati yas copadesah siva-namaparadhah- to give the Name to averse and unqualified people. Doing so, one becomes an offender to Nam Prabhu. But how does one recognize who is faithful and who is unfaithful? This is the problem and one of the causes why the attempts to directly preach Krishna’s name to the offensive masses of Kaliyuga doesn’t bring the desired results.

:blossom: The Secret of all Secrets Revealed

This is not simply a concoction we are coming up with now, it is a fact- which was first revealed to the whole world by our dearest Acharya Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur in Navadvipa Dham Mahatmya. Please read the following verses, which are known as the secret of all secrets carefully, and try to understand.

Text 3
krishna-nama krishna-dhama-mahatmya apara
shastrera dvaraya jane sakala samsara

“The unlimited glories of Krsna’s Name (maha-mantra) and Krsna’s Abode (Sri
Vrndavana) are known to the whole world through the revealed scriptures.”

Text 4
tabu krishna-prema sadharane nahi paya
ihara karana kiba chintaha hiyaya

“Even then pure love for Krsna is not attained by the common man. Please meditate on the reason for this fact.”

Text 5
ihate achaye ta eka gudha-tattva sara;
maya-mugdha jiva taha na kare vicara.

“The reason for this is the secret of all secrets. The souls bewildered by
illusion (maya) do not think about this reason.”

Text 6
bahu janma krsna bhaji prema nahi haya;
aparadha punja tara achaye niscaya.

“Even after worshipping Krsna for many lives, one may not achieve pure love for Krsna. The reason is that there is a great mountain of offenses in one’s heart, without doubt.”

Since Krishna and Krishna Nam consider offenses (krishna nam kare aparadhera vichar), even if Krishna and His Name is known and chanted widely in the whole world, the mass of the people will not get pure love just by knowing about Krishna. (tabu ta sadharane krishna prem nahi paya). Thus even the preaching efforts to directly put Krishna’s glories before the present masses of people will not yield the greatest benefit.

:tulip: The Rarity of Pure Krishna Bhakti

Even those who accept Krishna end up getting misled by directly trying to dive into His most intimate and confidential pastimes. Those who manage to actually inculcate the true essence of Krishna bhakti are a very rare few. And even after executing Krishna bhakti for many lives, barely anyone is able to achieve the goal, Krishna prem.

:blossom: Nitai’s Name Uproots the Tendency of Committing Offenses

This is why Nitai’s holy name, Aparadha bhajanjana kripa siddhi Nam, is the only hope for delivering the fallen souls of Kaliyuga and giving them suddha Harinam. With Nitai’s holy name, we see a divine contrast…it is exactly the opposite.

Nitai Nam is so vilakshan, so miraculous, so liberal, so astonishingly munificent that there is not a single consideration of any offense whatsoever. The very nature of Nitai and Nitai Nam is to bestow causeless mercy without taking to account any qualification.

Chaitanya-charitamrita Adi 5.208-9:
preme matta nityananda krpa-avatara, uttama, adhama, kichu na kare vicara

"Because He is always fully intoxicated by ecstatic love for Lord Gauranga, He is an incarnation of causeless mercy. Thus He does not distinguish between the good and the bad people because He Himself is always intoxicated in pure love.

:blossom: No Impediments In Attaining Prema by Nitai Nam

Just as Nitai is the most merciful and forgiving Lord in the past, present and future- Nitai Nam is the most merciful and liberal wish-fulfilling chintamani in the whole existence. Bhaktivinoda Thakur proclaims in the very same book, Navadvipa Dham Mahatmya, that one who comes even in the slightest contact with Nitai’s name…NOTHING CAN STOP that person from getting Krishna prema! Aparadhas are no longer an obstacle, not even a consideration for that person.

aparadha badha tara kichu nahi kare
niramala krishna-preme tara ankhi jhare

“The offenses (which may be present) don’t create any obstacles in path of achieving this love and tears start flowing from his eyes in pure ecstatic love.”

svalpa kale aparadha apani palaya; hrdaya sodhita haya prema bade taya.

“In a very short, the offenses themselves flee and the heart becomes completely purified and thus the love furthur increases.”

:tulip: The Divine Contrast

Just see, just by coming in contact! What a divine contrast! Even after worshipping Krishna Nam for millions of lives one does not get prema, and here it is guaranteed that simply by coming in contact with Nitai Nam- Krishna prema is guaranteed! One has already gotten prema just by first taking Nitai’s name, and after the offenses are removed by Nitaichand, the waves of that prema just further increases (prema bade taya)!

:blossom: The Esoteric Mystery Behind Nitai Nam Preaching

And let us actually reveal another esoteric mystery. When Krishna’s name or glories are given to the public, it can be observed that they may react offensively…but while preaching Nitai Nam, there are very few souls who act in an offensive manner. This is actually practical, many of our Nitai preachers are experiencing this. People may express doubts, but they do not hurl offenses. Very rare case. Have we ever contemplated on the reason of why it is so?

Yes one reason may be that Nitai is not yet known to the general masses of Kaliyuga, so they take Him neutrally (which is another plus point). But this reason is only external. There is a deeper reason which our Simha Guru Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakur Prabhupad reveals. Let us now dive into His blissful vani.

:tulip: Aparadha Pravritti Destroyed by Nitai Nam

nityanandera prabhura nama shravana karile jagatera sakala lokera papa-pravrtti
prashamita haiya pavitra tara udayahaya. vanik, adhama, murkha - iharau pavitra haiya
brahmajna u bhagavad-bhakta hana.

Purport by Shrila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura Prabhupada CB 2.3.134: “Simply by
hearing or chanting the Holy Name of Lord Nityananda, the sinful inclinations in the hearts of all the living entities in the universe are permanently uprooted, their inherent purity is automatically awakened and even the most degraded and atheistic class of people are purified and thus become realized in the Absolute Truth and devotees of the Lord.”

What an astonishing truth! The aparadha pravritti, the very tendency to commit offenses, is completely destroyed along with its roots from the heart the moment one hears Nitai’s name! Wow! Even if we give Nitai’s name to the gross offenders by hook or by crook, they will become fully purified of all sinful inclinations. What does this mean? Let us see in the following verse.

:blossom: Goal of All Preaching Achieved

aparadha-shunya haye laya krishna-nama
tabe jiva krishna-prema labhe avirama

"Unless one becomes devoid, totally zero of all offenses, then only will he get this love, Krishna prema, by chanting the Hare Krsna maha mantra.”

This is exactly what Nitai Nam achieves! So Nitai Nam is directly granting Suddha Harinam even to the gross offenders! Is this not the goal of all our preaching? Is preaching not for para-upkaar and to bring others to pure devotional service of Krishna via which they can attain Krishna prema?

Now we can see that this is exclusively attained through the spreading of Nitai’s kripa Nam, then where is the difficulty in humbly trying to distribute it everywhere? Only when Nitai Nam will spread-only then will the true glories of Sri Krishna Nam be illuminated before the whole world! Will this not be the greatest service to Krishna? This is the secret of all secrets. This is pathway to Krishna prema- Nitai Nam.

Nitaisevak ganer seva abhilashi,
Nitaisevika dasi

(Hem Gauranga das) #2

Ur all the posts r just awesome. .it is our most good foetune that Nitai has sent u to this mission! ! U r undoubtedly enhancing our faith for Nitai continuously. .Soul like u can surely become the real friend n welwisher of the miserable society! ! Joy Nitai.