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Why Only Nitai's Name Can Induce Suddha Prema Nam (Harinam) to Appear in Our Hearts?

(Nitaisevika dasi) #1

The first step to inducing Goloka Premadhana Suddha Nam to appear in our heart and dance on our tongue is understanding and accepting the truth that we are extremely FALLEN! Without Nitai’s kripa, we will get nowhere! Nowhere! It will take us lifetimes and lifetimes and lifetimes to get to the stage of honouring Suddha nam, the pure name. Realizing the indispensable necessity of taking Nitai’s shelter in our present fallen condition and acknowledging it as our only recourse for spiritual upliftment is the true form of displaying intelligence and humility in Kaliyuga. Trinad api sunichena means having the necessary humility and self-assessment required to perceive reality and understand the truth of our own handicapped state- that we are too fallen, feeble and unqualified to culminate any other path apart from seeking the benevolence of Nitaichand.

Nam Prabhu who is nondifferent from Krishna isn’t simply “pronounced” by our own endeavors. To hold this conception that the pure holy name can be produced by our own efforts is to belittle Nam Prabhu. We cannot produce Krishna, we can beg Him to appear! Kali kaale nam rupe Krishna avatar. Avatar, what does this mean? Nam Prabhu incarnates, He appears. He descends from Goloka into our hearts and then performs His divine activities on our tongue. He cannot be ‘produced’ by external endeavors, He can simply be convinced to finally make His transcendental appearance. What convinces Krishna to appear? OR more specifically, who convinces Gaur Krishna to appear?! Haladhar Nitai Balaram! In Chaitanya Bhagavat Gauranga mentions, tumi yatha Krishna tatha, while glorifying Nitai Balaram. This means, “where ever You are, Krishna is there.” This is the verdict of Gaurhari Himself, Who is swayam Vrajendranandan Krishna.

The process is known as karshan-akarshan. Until Nitai has mercifully cleared out the filth and thorns rooted in the desert of our heart and made it fertile, the attraction to Krishna will not sprout within our heart. We cannot appreciate the all-attractiveness of Govinda even if it is before us, unless Baladev endows us with the necessary bala, spiritual potency, to percieve it. The holy name of Krishna, Who is nondifferent and all-attractive like Krishna, even though directly before us with all His atulya madhuri, cannot be accessible until this necessary spiritual empowerment (bala sanchaaran) takes place granting us the ability to relish His sweetness.

Nitai’s holy name first appears in our heart making us qualified and capable of holding Sri Krishnachandra in our heart. Nitai’s presence in the form of His holy name makes us eligible to be graced by the association of His brother. Since Nitai is the divine form of all mantras, His holy name is also inclusive of Gaur Krishna’s holy names, hence Nitai’s aappearance in the form of Nitai Nam subsequently causes the appearance of Gaur Krishna also.

Will Gaur Krishna ever appear before His elder brother has made His appearance? No. Never. This is an eternal fact, Kanhaiyya’s elder brother always appears first in order to grant everyone the love to adequately greet Him.

Until Nityananda Balaram appears and purifies our heart, Gaur Krishna does not make His appearance. This is true even for the nitya siddhas, what to speak of us. Sri Balarama appeared within Devaki’s heart first in order to remove her fear, and make her qualified to carry the Supreme Personality of Godhead in her heart. Thereafter, when she was situated in the perfect consciousness completely rapt in the Lord’s thoughts due to Lord Balarama’s influence, Krishna appeared as her son. Devaki was afflicted by hridaya daurbalya, weakness of the heart, prior to Krishna’s appearance due to Kamsa’s atrocities. In this condition, she could not fully set her heart on Krishna. This is another esoteric point. Balaram is the only remover of the anartha hriday durbalya, since He is the source of all chit bala.
So it is only Nitai who can remove the lackings in our surrender to Krishna so that He may appear in our heart. Krishna does not appear until one has fulfilled all the requirements of complete surrender, sharanagati. Nitai is the one who enables us to carry out this total surrender to Krishna.

The other reason why Baladev always appears first is because He is the one who captures our mind, removing all its impurities, and places it at Krishna’s lotus feet. This is why His name is Sankarshan. Sankarshan means to attract as well as to pull. He forcefully pulls our mind and heart to Gaur Krishna and binds us in His remembrance.

Before the Lord can appear in our heart as Suddha nam, our mind must be set on Krishna. If we are not Krishna conscious, where comes the question of Krishna appearing? With our mind wandering and creating disruptions, we will simply commit offenses like pramada (inattentive chanting).

So Nityananda Balaram, Sri Sankarshan Bhagavan, is the one who enters into our consciousness and makes it fully Krishnamay. It is also important to note that our mind is like a mad elephant. A mad elephant cannot be tamed or controlled easily. It tramples everything that comes in its way. Similarly, no matter how much we try with our own extra efforts to convince ourselves to remain focused on the holy name, due to its offensive tendency it continues to wander…trampling all our endeavors.

Nityananda Prabhu is gajendra gamani, one who walks in the gait of a mad elephant. So it is only possible for Nitai, who is expert in this field, to subdue our mad-elephant like minds. This is achieved through the magnificence of Nitai’s holy name, which makes our minds go crazy like a mad elephant for Gaur Krishna, just like Nitai Himself! This is why it is important to chant Nitai nam eternally, even after Suddha Hariam Prabhu appears, because it is Nitai who allows us to remain Gaur Krishna conscious and also increases our ecstasy.

Sachi mata is also another staunch example! Advaita Gosai personally instructed Her to worship Lord Sankarshan so that She may become qualified to become the mother of the one who maintains the whole universe, Vishvambhar. Thus, Nitai’s expansion, Sri Vishvarupa appeared to Her. Appearing in Her heart first, He induced Her to become fixed in the remembrance of Sri Gaur Gopala. It was after this that Sachi mata had the dream of Gaurhari appearing as little baby Gopal (except with golden complexion). Vishvarupa fully awakened the param vatsalya rasa which was resting within Sachi devi so that She could offer it all to the Lord once He finally appeared, thus intensifying Her love prior to the Lord’s appearance. In this way the pastimes of the Lord after His appearance are more beautiful, because Nitai has already induced the bhava of all the Lord’s associates’ to reach the summit by His own potency…prior to the Lord’s advent.

Nitai Nam awakens our dormant love for the Lord and makes us cognizant of the rasa through which we exchange love with the Lord. Thus when Krishna appears as Suddha nam, we are fully immersed in our relationship with the holy name because this sambandha has already been established by Nityananda Nam. Our connection with Nam Prabhu becomes even more sweet and complete.

Yet another example is Banka Raya appearing to Padmavati devi only after Nitaichand’s divine appearance in Ekachakra. Banka Raya is swayam Gaur Krishna. He cannot remain away from the place where His beloved elder brother is performing His pastimes. His connection with His brother is so intense that They cannot be separated even for a moment. Krishnachandra forcefully appears where His elder brother is present. No one can stop Him. His love for His Prana Nitai drags Him there. It is with the intense pulling of this love that Banka Raya appears in Ekachakra to increase the joy of His brother and all the Ekachakra vasis.
In the same way, for one who is chanting Nitai’s holy name…no one can stop Gaur Krishna from appearing in their heart as Suddha nam. You will not have to search out for Krishna Nam premdhana, Krishna Nam Prabhu will search out for you! Suvimala krishna prema anveshaye take. Krishna prem searches out for such a person who simply calls out Nitai’s name, what to speak of dedicatedly chanting.

In this way, it can be confirmed that Gaur Krishna’s appearance is only possible when Boro Bhai Doyal Nitai has appeared. Krishna nam will manifest His full glory only after Nitai Nam dances in our heart. This is an infallible guarantee. One should always remember Gauranga Mahaprabhu’s promise in regards to Nitai dancing. What is the promise of Gaur? Any place where Nitaichand is dancing, Gaur will be present without doubt. Gauranga is the swarupa of madhuryamay Harinam. So when Nitai Nam dances within the playground of our heart, Krishna Nam comes attracted by that enchanting dance. Actually, Nitai is so merciful that He dances simply for this reason- to call Gaur Govinda to us hopelessly fallen souls.

Sumedhasha, true intelligence as described by Bhagavatam, is to possess the necessary brain substance to realize and come to the conclusion that worshipping Nitai and His Holy Name is a prime necessity if we desire Krishna’s appearance in our hearts. The process of Nitai Kirtan and Nitai Vayulekhan will be accepted by those who have real sumedha, transcendental intelligence. Just as only Nitai has the power to cause Krishna’s descent, similarly only Nitai’s holy name has the potency to pull the pure name from Goloka to our hearts.

Nitaisevak ganer seva abhilashi,
Nitaisevika dasi