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Why Nitai is Empathetic?

(Madan Mohan Das ) #1

Joy Nitai, Joy Guruparampara, Joy Nitaipreshthji.

"When Balarama as Laxman got injured almost to death, he experienced the utmost pain. When Balarama as Nitai was got injured and got bleeded due to pelted broken pieces of pots by Madhai , Nitai felt the pain. And one who knows what is a pain he can only put himself in others shoe. Therefore only Nitai is empathetic and can bestow his full mercy upon conditional souls. The one who undergone through the pains can only feel others pain and can be called as empathetic and Nitai is.

(Madan Mohan Das ) #2

@Nitaipreshthji Srila gurudeva dandavat Pranam to your lotus feet :footprints:

In last couple of months I am in a spiritual exile and now can feel what Laxman and Pandavas gone through.

Joy Nitai.