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Who is real Guru - Part 3 - ( Guru Purnima Offerings )

(Madan Mohan Das ) #1

Joy Nitai, Joy Nitaipreshthji , Joy Guru Parampara.

:microphone: Any genuine Guru, if he is pure of heart and acts in good faith, he will do his disciples no harm. If there is no progress, the fault lies with the disciples, their laziness and lack of self-control.

:microphone:On the other hand, if the disciple is earnest and applies himself intelligently and with zest to his sadhana, he is bound to meet a more qualified teacher, who will take him further.

:microphone:In reality, the Guru’s role is only to instruct and encourage; the disciple is totally responsible for himself.

:microphone:Complete self-surrender by itself is liberation. If our relationship is meaningful to Guru, then it cannot be accidental.

:microphone:The future affects the present as much, as the past.

:microphone:Unless you know yourself well, how can you know another? Leave others alone for some time and examine yourself. There are so many things you do not know about yourself – what are you, who are you, how did you come to be born, what are you doing now and why, where are you going, what is the meaning and purpose of your life, your death, your future?

:microphone:Be the right man and the right Guru will surely find you. Do not look for a Guru, do not even think of one. Make your goal your Guru.

:microphone:After all, the Guru is but a means to an end, not the end in itself. He is not important, it is what you expect of him that matters to you.

:microphone:In deep sleep you are not conditioned. How ready and willing you are to go to sleep, how peaceful, free and happy you are when asleep! When you sleep, you are not in pain, nor bound, nor restless. In reality it is the other way round; what is remembered is never real; the real is now. The picture is alive; dead is the mind. As the mind is made of words and images, so is every reflection in the mind. It covers up reality with verbalization and then complains.

:microphone:You say a Guru is needed, to do miracles with you. You are playing with words only.

:microphone:The Guru and the disciple are one single thing, like the candle and its flame.
Unless the disciple is earnest, he cannot be called a disciple. Similarly Unless a Guru is all love and self-giving, he cannot be called a Guru. Only reality begets reality, not the false.
The power is in the word, not in the person.

:microphone:Believe me, a true disciple is very rare, for in no time he goes beyond the need for a Guru, by finding his own self. Don’t waste your time on trying to make out whether the advice you get flows from knowledge only, or from valid experience! Just follow it faithfully.

:microphone:Life will bring you another Guru, if another one is needed. Or deprive you of all outer guidance and leave you to your own lights. It is very important to understand that it is the teaching that matters, not the person or the Guru. You get a letter that makes you laugh or cry. It is not the postman who does it. The Guru only tells you the good news about your real Self and shows you the way back to it. In a way the Guru is its messenger. There will be many messengers, but the message is one: be what you are.

:microphone:Or, you can put it differently: Until you realise yourself, you cannot know who is your real Guru.

:microphone:When you realise, you find that all the Gurus you had have contributed to your awakening.

:microphone:Your realisation is the proof that your Guru was real. Virtues and powers come with realisation, not before.

:microphone:Therefore, take him as he is, do what he tells you, with earnestness and zeal and trust your heart to warn you if anything goes wrong. If doubt sets in, don’t fight it. Cling to what is doubtless and leave the doubtful alone.

Finally : the Guru is but a means to an end, not the end in itself.