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When someone leaves us

(Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj) #1

:hibiscus: When a devotee leaves us, we should think that he or she has finally realized our true sinful nature and thus taken the right decision of abandoning us.

:hibiscus: We should not try to defend ourselves or stop them from leaving us, as we should genuinely feel in the core of our hearts that they are finally getting freedom from a real cheat like ourselves.

:hibiscus: We should not hold any grudges and be very grateful to them from the very bottom of our hearts, because by leaving us they are awarding us the rarest and biggest lesson of our lives of surrendering even more desperately to Nitai Gunjan.

:hibiscus: This consciousness arouses a very deep sense of humility in our hearts, because in this way we gratefully accept even this unbelievable loss and extreme pain as Nitai’s merciful arrangement to minutely purify us by shattering our false ego. Nitai gave us their association and took it away because we were not worthy of it, we did not deserve it, and we did not value it enough. (tat tenukampan susamikshamano bhujan evatma kritam vipakam…)