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What is best for my soul?

(Nitai Bhikshu das) #1

Realizations of a Nitai Bhikshu:
One should consider what is best for my soul. Accepting a Guru is not something you do just because you like that Guru.

You have to look at the potential Guru and see if He is able to deliver you from the cycle of birth and death. This is not just gambling with your life, it is also gambling with your afterlife if you pick an unqualified Guru or accept no Guru at all! Think very deeply about the reasons why you have come to Gurudeva. He is a Gaur Priya Jana (dear servant and friend of Gauranga Mahaprabhu). From His merciful glance all good qualities will manifest in your heart.

So please, don’t give your soul to someone who you cannot put your full faith in. I have never been cheated in this regard because I know how deep this subject matter is. If you just go based off of your feelings you will surrender to a nice person but not a qualified Vaishnava.