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We Are Responsible!

(Nitaisevika dasi) #1

We Are Responsible!
Submitting Our Faults at Nitai’s Lotus feet

All the pain and inconvenience we must endure in this lifetime are the fruits of our previous doings. What is the point in complaining or looking to put the blame on others? We and only we ourselves are responsible for the present circumstances we are put into. Others are only acting as agents of the Supreme authority to give us our due suffering.

The one thing we can do is sing the prayer Nitai mera jivana sada and express to Nitai in a heartfelt manner that we know we are responsible for our present condition but kindly relieve oh Prabhu because You are Doyal, so kind.

This humble supplication at His lotus feet is what will please Him most. Not blaming others for our misery. They are not liable, we are. Nitai will be pleased when he will see our spiritual maturity in accepting our own fault. The Lord is touched by our attitude and our mood of devotional service. That is what assures our advancement. This humble, honest and heartfelt submission at Nitai’s lotus feet redeems all our previous actions. It will ensure our rapid progress as Nitai will remove each thorn from our path with His own lotus hands. Suffering is also a great time to please the Lord.

Nitaisevak ganer seva abhilashi,
Nitaisevika dasi

(Amy Harilal) #2

Jaya Nitai!

Dear Nitaisevika dasi, I totally agree. I think this acceptance of our own faults is really the beginning of humility and the end of the thought that “oh I am so wonderful and everything is everyone else’s fault”. At least we have to accept that it can’t be the Lord’s fault right? And then everything falls into place - we are at fault, the Lord is punishing us and the decent thing to do is accept that with gravity and humility.

People punish themselves so much but devotees have the Lord to punish and help us in every way. After suffering for offenses at least we don’t have to be burdened with the guilt and we can be free.