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Vyas Puja offering

(Karta Nitai Das) #1


:hibiscus: You are the personification of the ocean that is Nitai’s mercy.

:hibiscus: You have revealed that secret(one-pointed Nitai Bhakti) that will cause the people of this world to give up their sinful life and once again dance like madmen in pure Love of God, just like they did when Nitai was present on earth 500 years ago.

:hibiscus: You and your vani are the most potent, that is why Nitai chose to send you in these degraded times. Only the when disease has become most endemic and incurable, is there the highest need for the most effective and powerful doctor.

:hibiscus: You are the greatest and the only living Guru right now on this planet who has achieved Dham vas in all the four principal Gaudiya Dhams namely the Puri Dham, the Navadwip Dham, the Radha Kund Dham and the Ekachakra Dham.

:hibiscus: You are fully knowledgable in all the Shastras, you have researched the entire ocean of gaudiya scriptures from which you quote all the time and anyone who hears your Katha will instantly realize your erudition and become cognizant of your advanced position.

:hibiscus: You revealed the ultimate panacea of Nitainam for the deadliest obstacle in Bhakti - the ten Namapradhas. Only a most merciful and empowered associate of the Lord, such as you can be entrusted to spread this deep secret and revelation.

:hibiscus: Your birth has caused a huge flood of good fortune and auspiciousness to come on this planet. You have made that which the fallen souls can only think of in imagination(the bliss of pure Love of God) a reality.

:hibiscus: You have revealed the five principal tenets of Nitai Bhakti - Nitainam, Nitailila, Nitai Kirtan, Nitai Dham and Nitai Prachar for Harinam Siddhi.

:hibiscus: You have also revealed the ultimate bhajan and practice which can cause the Lord to bestow Kripa Siddhi - Nitai Gunjan and Nitai Prachar, which is the most practical, fastest and easiest and the ONLY way to attain Krsna Prema in this advanced Kali yuga era.

:hibiscus: You have made the spreading the Nitainam very easy in the form of a secular practice, Nitaai Sound Yoga, which is so much more easier to spread than the direct teachings of Bhakti, as the there is an over abundance of athesitic population and atmosphere.

:hibiscus: You have inspired our faith in making others chant Nitainam only once, you have convinced us that chanting one name of Nitai is enough to make even the most sinful and destitute soul aviod hell and progress toward Goloka.

:hibiscus: All of your teaching are present in the shaastras, but if you hadn’t emphasized and stressed the importance of the specific verses of one pointed Nitai Bhakti, they would’ve remained unknow to the world.

:hibiscus: You always shared your inner wealth, the essence of your 46 years of hard practice of Bhakti and have kept nothing hidden.

:hibiscus: You will always be counted amongst the closest associates of Jahnava and Nitai, along side other exalted Acaryas in our dhara like Srila Vrindavan Das Thakur, Srila Narottam Das Thakur, Srila Krsnadas Kaviraj, Srila Lochana Das Thakur and your Ishta Gurudev Srila Bhakti Vinod Thakur, because only you have thoroughly combed their writings and compositions presented the essence of those literatures which is Nitai Bhakti.

:hibiscus: Just like Srila Gaura Kisora Das Babaji understood, preached and relished the potency of the syallbles of Harinam, you have realized and spread the mercy and nectar of the syllables of Nitainam in the form of Nitai Vayulekhan.

:hibiscus: You have fully pleased your Param Gurudev Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati by bringing his prediction of ‘Nityanandera prabhura nam shravana karile, jagatera sakala lokera papa-pravritti prashamita haiya pavitratara udaya haya’ to manifestation.

:hibiscus: You are a true and genuine follower of Srila Prabhupada, and have fully imbibed his mood of mercy because you are also planning to follow in his footsteps by leaving the Dham after 17 years of Bhajan and Dham vas, just to relieve the suffering of the lost souls.

:hibiscus: You have truly pleased your Diksha Guru Srila Bhaktishastri Parampada Maharaj, by executing his order of preaching the message of Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu, who cannot be attained even 100 births without first receiving the mercy of his divine Brother Lord Nitai.

:hibiscus: You are the pride of your Sannyas guru Srila Bhakti Kumud Santa Goswami Maharaj and our entire guru parampara, as you are preaching Nitai Bhakti, which is the fruit of the endeavours of all the previous acaryas.

:hibiscus: You have composed, for the benefit of the fallen souls a most wonderful glorification of Nitai in the form of Nitai Chalisa and the 108 Lila nam of Nitai which fully encompasses all the important Nitai Lilas and associates.

:hibiscus: You have also exhibited your unparalleled mercy by composing the Nitainam scriptural proof for the benefit of all the Gaudiya vaishanvas in this world, even though they have been shunning your teachings.

:hibiscus: You revealed the ultimate teaching for the most offensive, which is one pointed Nitai Bhakti. All the activities of Krsna Bhakti like Chanting Harinam in Japa and Kirtan, Distributing gaudiya literatures, Deity worship, Serving other devotees, Honoring prasadam, Hearing Krsna Katha, Performing services at the temples and celebrating the holy festivals cannot be fully relished unless one has performed sufficient Nitai Bhakti to remove all of one’s offences and please Nitai.

:hibiscus: Even though you have reached the highest spiritual position possible for a soul, of fully realizing your siddha deha in both Goloka Vrindavan and Goloka Navadwip, you are still so unbelievably humble and are fully approachable and accessible to all of your devotees without any barriers through Telegram and in-person. You also personally guide and encourage your devotees like a loving parent.

:hibiscus: You will always occupy the unique position of the Acarya in our Gaudiya dhara who re-kindled Krishna Bhakti in the most effective and powerful way in this world through the merciful process Nitai Bhakti, for all time to come.

I am the most sinful, offensive, fallen and regressive of all of your devotees. I don’t know what kind of sukriti I performed in my previous births that I came across you and your vani in this birth. I am extremely and deeply thankful to Nitai, for finally giving me this opportunity to glorify you. I pray to Nitai that I may someday receive a drop of the mercy that you plan to flood this world with.