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Use the talent in serving Nitai

(Phemelo Sebaetse) #1

Dandavat Praanams to all. :pray:

I just wanted to ask, so apart from doing Nitai Sadhan( Vayulekhan,shravan etc),how can one use his occupation/talent also to attempt to serve Nitai?

(Prashant Aggarwal) #2

Shrila Prabhupada Has taught the principle of Yukta Vairagya that means engaging everything in the service of the lord. Just like if someone is a musician they can produce some Nitai music. For example George Harrison was a famous musician at that time and when he met Prabhupada, Prabhupada engaged him to produce some Krishna music devotional albums. Govindam adi pursam the Darshan arti in iskcon temple sung by HG yamuna devi dasi mataji has music of George harrison. So we can engage likewise our talent in bhakti like if one is a software engg they can help in designing websites or apps. Painters can paint. A linguist can translate Gurudev’s book. Like this we can do. :pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2:

(Phemelo Sebaetse) #3

ok thank you prabhuji, dandavats. :ok_hand: