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Tweets on Holy Name is everything

(Nitaisevika dasi) #1


Nitai Tweets (@Nitai_Sevika)

:herb:Kirtan is the fastest and sure shot way to evoke remembrance of the Lord.

:herb:Nitai Gaur are Sankirtan Pita - the fathers of congregational chanting of the holy names. To win Their mercy, Kirtan is absolutely essential

:herb:Nitai’s mercy will come flowing to you in the form of His holy name. Have firm faith. His mercy marks the appearance of Suddha Nam (Harinam)

:herb:Who’s stopping you from crying out to the holy name compelling the Lord to appear and dance on your tongue as the glorious divine syllables?

:herb:Nitai is supremely merciful and independent. He can induce Rasika Shekhar (Krsna Nam) to appear on your tongue at any time by His sweet will

:herb:Nitai is so doyal that even if we put some effort & show Him crocodile tears, He’ll flood our eyes with the unstoppable flow of prema-ashru

:herb:If u store even a drop of faith in Nitainam aksharas, it’ll produce sudridha nishchay in Harinam bhajan. Sraddha matra loye den param ananda

:herb: To the extent that we have faith that all our requirements (material or spiritual) - are fulfilled by Nam, to that extent we’re a Vaishnava.

:herb:To the extent that we lack the faith that Nam Prabhu is our greatest (in fact ONLY) sustainer and provider, to that extent we’re an atheist.