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Tulasi Offering To Nitai

(Hem Gauranga das) #1

Question: How to offer food to Prabhu Nityananda ? Tulsi leaf is required ?

Ans by @BRSadhuMaharaj: Yes, since Lord Nitai Balaram is completely non-different from Lord Gaur Krishna, since He is the origin of all Vishnu-tattva, since He has His own consorts, pastimes, and dham, since He has His own gopis, and since Vrinda serves Him to the nitya-lila too, how can we even think of offering anything to Nitai without tulasi? If we don’t offer Tulasi to Nitai, it will greatly displease His brother Lord Gaur Krishna who will reject us for discriminating between Him and His more merciful brother.

(Hem Gauranga das) #2

Thank U somuch dear Gurudeva for this beautiful answer…Joy Nitai.All glories to U!