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Transcription: Unparalleled love of Padma Hadai

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(Nitai Bhikshu das) #1

Nityananda Prabhu tirtha yatra brahman, Dvitiye adhyaye
Sri Nityananda Caritamrita,Shrila Vrindavan das Thakur krita

In this way for many days, Lord Nityananda Raya performed His transcendental pastimes of accepting parental affection in the house of Sriman Hadai Pandit.

Lord Nityananda being the Supremely independent Lord, He wanted to leave His home in Ekachakra Dham and travel to purify all the holy places and ultimately meet His brother Nimai in Navadwip, but His mother Padmavati would experience extreme misery in His separation.

If even for a moment Nitai’s mother Padmavati could not see Nitai, then She felt that many many ages have passed. Millions of years have passed. One yuga has passed without seeing Nitai. And even more than His mother Padmavati, was the separation felt by His father Hadai. That was His extreme love for Nitai. Hadai oja would not go to any place without Nitai. Even for a moment He would not leave His son Nitai. Nitai was His life and soul, His Prana, His eternal existence, His most beloved object in this world. The star of His eyes and the source of His happiness. Whether He used to work in the farm or whether there were some guests in the house, or whether He used to go to the market, or in His home doing things, or wherever He went, wherever He desired to go, He would always think of Nitai. And every milli second He would turn back and look at Nitai again and again. Can you imagine that bliss which He felt to see Nitai? Real love for Nitai means one cannot live without Nitai. And that love binds Nitai in our heart. That was the love of Hadai and Padmavati. My eyes are becoming full of tears, I can’t see the verse.

The embrace of Hadai and Nitai is the most blissful pastime in existence. Nitai used to melt in the hands of His father. The happiness which Nitai felt in His father’s embrace. But He gave millions of times more happiness to His father in return. Like a statue. You embrace a statue, golden doll, Nitai was like that. Can you imagine the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Nityananda-Balaram is giving the greatest good fortune to His father to embrace Him! Who can embrace the Lord of Creation? Only the most fortunate of all associates.

Seeing this love of Hadai for Nitai, everyone who saw both of Them used to speak, that the soul is Nitai and body is Hadai. The soul of Hadai’s body is Nitai. Hadai cannot live without Nitai. Nityananda, how much happiness He is giving to His father? That is His quality. He makes His father very very happy. Very ecstatic. Nityananda’s love is transcendental. It is the highest reciprocation that any form of God gives to His devotees.

“antaryami Nityananda”. Nityananda is antaryami. He is the supersoul in everyone’s heart, in all creation. Paramatma is only His partial expansion. So He knew the love of Hadai, His father. And He considered His duty to give happiness to His father. To become the ideal son of His father, to give Him divine happiness. To serve His father in this way. This was His quality. Just like Nimai is known as Matro Bhakta, Nitai is Pitro Bhakta. Nitai gave infinite happiness to Padmavati and Hadai Pandit in Ekachakra Yogapith Janmashtan in Hadai Bhavan during His childhood pastimes. And, I have only one desire in my life. To see those divine pastimes of my beloved Nitaichand.

Nitai Nitai Nitai Nitai Nitai Gauranga.x2

Nitaichander amar, Nitaichand.x2

Gaura Gaura Gaura Gaura, Gaura-Hari.

How much Gauranga was waiting for Nitai to come to Him? Nitai was relishing His pastimes in Ekachakra. So Nimai became His younger brother Banka Raya. Nimai could not wait to be with Nitai. So we should also pray for Nitai’s association, Nitai’s seva, Nitai Sanga and all our desires will be fulfilled. Real raga marg is Nitai bhajan. Like Gadadhar das who was a gopi, and He was returning back to Nadia with Nitai on the order of Gaura, then His gopi bhav became so prominent in the association of Nitai. So our Nitai, our praneshwar is the one who revealed the gopi’s prem, the love of the gopis to this world. And He is the only way, He is the only way, only way.

Chandal is not even in the 4 ashrams in the varnas. He is more fallen than the meat-eaters, dog-eaters and even such a chandal is given the pure name by Nitai. So there is no more fear of this Kali Yuga. Just grasp the lotus feet of Nitai very very strongly by hearing about Nitai from His pure devotees. By writing His name, by chanting His name, by singing His name in Kirtan, by hearing and reading His pastimes, by rolling in the divine dust of Ekachakra Dham, by worshipping the associates of Nitai and by worshipping the form of Nitai always. Then, antariyami Nityananda, all knowing Nityananda, omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent Nityananda will know your desire and He will quickly grant whatever you desire.

Joy Nitai! Joy Nitai! Joy Nitai!

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