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Transcription: Sanyasi came to take Nitai

(Nitai Bhikshu das) #1

Shrila Vrindavan das Thakur krit, Shri Nityananda Charitamrita, adhyay dvitya (2nd chapter of Shri Nityananda Charitamrita).We will begin from verse 9.

“Haile Nityananda Jana kero ghar, Nityanando pita tane bhiksha karaiya hoibe ek din ek sanyasi sundar”

One day one very very beautiful sanyasi, he came to the divine house of Hadai Pandit, who is the transcendental father of Sri Nityananda Ram. So, “Nityananda pita tane bhiksha karaila rakhilena param anand yukta haiya”

The father of Sri Nityananda, Hadai, he personally fed the sanyasi Nitai Prasadam. And he requested him to stay in his home with great happiness. The father of Nitai, Hadai, he was unaware that this sanyasi is coming to his home would turn into the greatest nightmare he has ever experienced.

The sanyasi came to the home of Hadai and Padmavati beause of the desire of Nitai, to take him away from Ekachakra Dham and award the feelings of the pangs of the loving separation to His parents and all His associates in Ekachakra Dham.

The sanyasi is a puppet in the hands of Nitai. And everyone is actually doing what Nitai wants, not what they want because Nitai is the supersoul, He is the puppeteer, and we are all puppets in His Lotus hands.

Nitai’s father by nature was very very charitable like Nitai Himself, so he felt so much happiness to serve that sanyasi. And to give everything he had to that sanyasi. Hospitability. Invited him to stay in his home overnight so that he could serve him better. This is the duty of the householders. They should take this example of Nita’s father and they should serve the sanyasis. The sanyasi who is in love with Nitai, that sanyasi is worthy of our service.

It is said in Caitanya Bhagavat, that if a sanyasi does not have any love for Nitai, then that sanyasi is worse than a drunkard.

So a pure sanyasi who is a vaishnava, who is a devotee of Nitaisundar, who is the embodiment and the personification
of Nitai’s mercy, by realizing his mercy, that sanyasi should be served in our home. Here Hadai is so hospitable that he is serving even that sanyasi who has come to kill him, literally, by taking away Nitai. That sanyasi will take away the life of Hadai and Padmavati. Nitai is more dear to them than their very life breath. Their life is nothing compared to their love for Nitai. They cannot live without Nitai.

By remembering Hadai and Padmavati, one can understand the real love, pure love, the highest love for the Lord. And one can understand the feelings of separation.

Dont try to directly jump into the pastimes of Radha and Krishna. To understand the feelings of separation from Radharani, of Radharani for Krishna, one should understand the feelings of separation of Ekachakra dham, of Hadai and Padmavati. “Sarvatra Ratri Nityananda Pita tare sange achilenu krishna katha kakhona prasange”.