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Transcription: Pure Devotees Can See Radha Kund Pastimes

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(Viswambhar das) #1

So Sanatana Goswami explained, `Oh Rupa our Swamini Radha is a treasure house of all good qualities. Radha is very gentle, sweet and charming and Radha is Shyama’s dearly beloved so how can you compare the wavy cobalt black braided hair of Radhika to a poisnous black serpent?

So Rupa smiled and humbly requested his elder brother to suggest a better description. All Goswami’s are never proud, they never try to defend what they have written. They are humble. They accept the mistake. Even if there is no mistake, they accept the mistake. Actually each manjari gets a different sphurti.

Rupa Goswami got a sphurti and Sanatana Goswami got a different sphurti, so Sanatana Goswami was not fully able to comprehend, how Radha’s black hair is having jewels?? It is compared to a jeweled hood of a female serpent with studded,you know. So Sanatana asked how is it possible? So Sanatana Goswami couldnot think of anything else, so he walked away from Imli tala; Imli tala is this side, opposite Nitai Gaur temple, Imli tala is there. From Imli Tala Sanatan Goswami started walking towards Lalita Kunda, straight. And when he was walking from Imli tala to Lalita Kund, there is Govind Ghat; Sangam Ghat and Govind Ghat which comes on the way. So when Sanatana was walking, suddenly he saw so amazing sight. He saw Radharani sitting on a swing suspended from the branches of a huge Kadamba tree. So beautiful ! Imagine beautiful kadamba tree which is fair in colour and Radharani is swinging, beautiful swing. And gentle breeze which blew over the kunda and the bees were buzzing and the sweet fragrance of blossoming kadamba flowers… aha! Sweet fragrance, coming. And the sakhis were pushing Radha gently on the swing singing a beautiful melody and laughing cheerfully, `Radhe, Radhe, Radhe’. Singing very beautifully, swinging Radha.

Radharani was in the swing and Sanatana Goswami saw that darshan. You can imagine the whole Radhakund became real in front of his eyes! And much to his surprise Sanatana saw black serpent with a red jewel shining on its expanded hood. That snake was slithering up and swaying the black tresses of Radhika. He saw a cobra, on Radhika there was a red diamond. That snake was, it was looking like the snake is moving up, slithering. Fearing that Radha might get bitten by the poisnous serpent, Sanatana ran towards Radha shouting `Radhe Radhe watchout! The serpent is coming’. But when he came nearer to Radha, then Sanatana suddenly lost his vision. There was no Radha, no sakhis and no swing and he fainted on the ground crying in joy with unique experience, exhibiting all the ecstatic symptoms on his body. Due to absolute purity of his heart, Sanatan Goswami was granted a vision of the Nitya lila. Radha riding on a swing, jhulan lila.

viṣaya chāḍiyā kabe śuddha ha’be mana,
kabe hāma herabo śrī-vṛndāvana.

Actually our desires, material desires are like clouds. They are clouding our vision. When our material desires they are vanquished, then we can see kabe hāma herabo śrī-vṛndāvana. Such is the power of Vraj Dham and the causeless mercy of Karunamayi Radha. Only by Radha’s mercy can somebody see Radhakund, Radhakund lila, you can see. This pastime took 400 years ago but even today pure devotee’s of Lord are seeing these pastimes of RadhaMadhav going on right now in Radhakund, pure devotees can see. Just like when a pure devotee looks at the Deities, the pure devotee is not looking at the statue or the stone or the wood or the metal. The pure devotee is talking with the Lord. Similarly when a pure devotee looks at Radhakund, pure devotee is not just looking at Radhakund, pure devotee is seeing the lila, interacting. Bhagwan is very kind and affectionate to His loving servants. That is why when I go to Radhakund I don’t have any realization but I keep on looking in the centre of the kunda. Devotees ask me, what happened, you have gone mad? You are just looking at one place. But my dear brothers and sisters if you see what I see then you’ll keep on looking whole
life. You will never stop looking. So bhaktavatsala. To solve Santana’s dilemma and to support the writing of Rupa Goswami. Rupa is so dear to Radha that Radha gave Her darshan to Sanatana on the swing. This lila also proves that Radha and Krishna, They always reciprocate with the pure love of Their devotees. When a pure devotee write something down then that is the eternal truth, because that is manifesting from his or her loving realizations. Everything is true in the lila. All contradictions they merge in the pastimes of the Lord. Returning to his brother, Sanatana Goswami excitedly said `Rupa listen, a most incredible thing just happened. Kishori ji just granted me very special darshan, because I heard your verse, Chathuhu pushpanjali???

Then suddenly I noticed the shiny black cobra with a jewel like in its hood climbing upon Radha’s neck on her hair braid. Instantly upon seeing that I realized that your poetic metaphor is perfect. So there is no need to correct it, Oh Rupa!’. This place where Sanatan Goswami had darshan of Radhika is present in Radhakund and we can all get this darshan. Some say it is on Govind Ghat, some say it is on Jhulan tala. Wherever it is , it is in Radhakund! Radhakund ki Jaya!!

So if you want to have the darshan of Jhulan lila, do bhajan in Radhakund. Chant with lot of love and devotion. Surrender to the lila. Surrender to the lila, then you can see the lila by chanting Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Ram Hare Ram Ram Ram Hare Hare! Nityananda! Gauranga! Every mantra, every name in Radha kund is a festival. Who can experience that? Raise your hands. Every name is a festival. Actually in Radhakund how can you do other things except chanting? It’s an austerity. In other places to chant is an austerity. But in Radhakund to do other thing is an austerity. Thank You very much. Hare Krishna! Nitai Gaur Hari Premanande!

Any questions?

Maharaj has gone overtime today, very very sorry. 9 o clock you used to sleep and I disturbed your sleep. I am a very big apradhi. Because sleeping in Radhakund is the highest sewa. It’s equal to samadhi (laughs). Samadhi. It’s the highest. Because if we cannot consciously remember Radha and Krishna’s pastime while remaining awake, then while sleeping we will remember unconsciously.

Like yesterday night I had some very beautiful pastimes. I cannot tell you what. It was more real than in awake. So our 3 viewers today, do you have any questions? Viswambhar das and I can’t see the name of the viewer. Your friend KishorKishoridas is here. Oh! Closeup was very good. The shrotas are more important than the speaker. Ultimately Radhakund and Shyamkund. So because of these glorious devotees, they come so that’s why this live satsanga is possible. We should thank all of them. Thank You. No questions as yet.

Question: (unclear) In Radhakund what should we meditate?

Srila NitaiPreshthji Gurudev: When you take bath in Shyamkund you should think that you are in the water with Radharani and the Sakhis and You are throwing water on Radha, massaging her body, washing her, bringing nice garlands in the water to the Sakhis. You should think that we are taking bath not alone but with the manjaris, with the Sakhis, with Radharani and when you take bath in Radhakund you should think that Radha and Krishna are playing the water pastimes or They have already completed the pastimes and I am cleaning Radhakund. I have entered Radhakund. Sorry, it’s my sewa so I think like that but You can think that Radha and Krishna are doing water pastimes, you are watching, you are surrounding Krishna, sprinkling water; very high position that is but you can think that you are sitting in Ananga manjari’s kunja, you are standing and watching the pastimes or you are sitting in some of the ghat. Inside the water you should think the pastimes are going on, then you will hear the quarreling sounds of Radha Krishna, you will hear the crying of Raghunatha Das Goswami, you will hear the buzzing of the bees of the lotus flowers in Radhakund, you will hear the birds say Radhe Radh
e, you will hear the beautiful waters of Radhakund, thakthak thakthak thakthak thakthak making nice sound. All this will happen in the water of Radhakund, so always, mentally, if you are not physically in the water of Radhakund, so always stay mentally in the water of Radhakund. Always have a maha abhishek, maha snan of Radharani. See when, normally we do abhishek of Radha-Krishna but when we take bath in Radhakund, Radharani is doing our abhishek. How fortunate we are!

So tommorrow again we will have katha. Morning and evening may be two kathas. Small katha. And day after tommorrow is Guru Parampara we will worship. I let the devotees celebrate the vyas puja because we can worship the Guru Parampara, all our acharyas on that day. I am…I am totally a insult to the Guru Parampara. I am like a blot. Kalank, they call in hindi. Worthless. Even after billions of lifes in bhajan I will never be qualified to do all these. Isliye real bhajanandi devotees never allow all these Vyas pujas and those who are rasika devotees, on rasa, for them it is impediment. But we can take the opportunity to glorify Guru Parampara and all our Acharyas. Like GaurKishordas babaji said nobody is my disciple; when BhaktiVinod Thakur said your disciple will take you to Kolkata to remove the catarct in your eyes, BhaktiSiddhanta Saraswati will take you to Kolkata. He closed his ears and said nobody is my disciple and he jumped in the Ganga to commit suicide. Just by hearing the word disciple, his bhajan was disturbed. That is real bhajanandi, real Vaishnava will never think himself superior to others. A Mahabhagwat cannot accept disciples, because Mahabhagwat thinks everybody is better than me. Worshipable. That is real. Thank you very much.