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Transcription: "त" is Sunshine and Water

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(Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj) #1

:leaves::tulip: “त” is Sunshine and Water :tulip::leaves:

Audio 4:…/e0a4a4-is-sunshine… (Duration: 10 Min 50 Sec)

Joy Nitai! Hare Krishna! Jay Guruvarga! I was concluding the revelations for “त”, the fifth, sixth and the seventh stroke of Nitai vayulekhan but I have the good fortune of having our Nitaimani das with me so as all of you know, the realizations never end when you are near to him. So he had a very beautiful vision in which he told me that the effulgence of Nitai in the sixth stroke and the effulgence of the plow in fifth stroke, both this effulgence combine together like million and billions of suns and they act like the sun. Because when the seed is sown and it is plowed, you need sunlight for it to sprout. So what a unique perspective! Infact he had only two words in his mouth when he had this realization, he said ‘Nitai Farmer’. He summed up everything- the fifth, sixth and seventh stroke in just two words ‘Nitai Farmer’.

Then he shared to me Nitai’s tears, because as I had explained in the videos, audios before that even while plowing Nitai is so anxious to purify us completely and to embrace us and to remove our suffering that He is literally crying. Actually Nitai is crying always at every moment because of His love for His brother Gauranga, His love for His eternal associates Jahnava and Vasudha, Padmavati, Hadai Pandit, His dwadash Gopals. He is always crying and then He cries for us also. Nitai is the Lord who does the best balancing act. He cries for His eternal associates, He cries for eternally conditioned souls also unlike any other Lord in the whole creation. śarīra bhijila nitā-ira nayanera jale, eto boli nityananda paḍe bhūmi-tale (bhajan Jaya Jaya Nityananda Rohini Kumar). He fell on the ground crying not because of His ecstacies but because He wants to give the jiva who is standing before Him pure love at any cost. So His tears in the sixth stroke when He is standing, His tears are actually the water nourishing the seed which He is plowing, water is very very important. And along with water and sunlight and His plow, He is taking care of our bhakti lata beej so much. He is putting His lotus feet in the sixth stroke in the end, in the below bottom. His lotus feet, they are like the manure, the cowdung which we put to fertilize the seed. And then the eighth stroke, the horizontal line above “ता”, that is the fence which Nitai is building around the seed to protect our seed till it grows completely.

Infact in Nitai’s Bhakti through Nitai vayulekhan we don’t have to wait for very very long time because Nitai is very anxious, very eager and Nitai is not patient, He is impatient. He is a child, like a child to give us love but still He gives us the shade, the shelter, if too much of sun also will burn the seed. The seed has also to be protected from vaishnav appradh, the ten offenses, so that is the eighth horizontal stroke over “ता”, its like a shade. So the farmer himself is arranging for everything and He is like so attentive to serve us even though we have not done anything to deserve this, only we have just raised our fingers and tried to touch His name which is non different than His form. But all this is simply a reciprocation for Nitai vayulekhan. That’s why vayulekhan is such a sublime bhajan to attain Harinam siddhi.

Another revelation what Nitaimani das was saying is that even though the plow is normally very very sharp at the end, at the bottom so it hurts normally but somehow if you see the end of the fifth stroke, the “त” it is very round, very smooth and very soft. Nitai is plowing our heart but at the same time He is not letting us even feel that, even feel little bit of pain…No! How much He is careful. How much careful we should be while doing Nitai vayulekhan to serve Him. How much carefully we should serve His devotees. How much carefully we should share Nitai vayulekhan and Harinam to others because He is doing so carefully. He is serving us. Even the plow is not hurting us. Also His lotus feet are so cooling that we don’t even know that this is happening and our heart is becoming more and more softer, purer and more fertile, humble. Sambandh gyan is already received, we are becoming qualified for sewa or service. So these are some of the revelations coming from our Nitaimani das. I am sure he will write more in detail about these, I have just given you a small glimpse about it. Thankyou so much for listening. And by hearing these audios, I pray to Nitai that all of you can dwell very very deep in Nitai nam akshar parabrahm and you can be blissed 24*7 and dance and sing jubilantly during Harinam.

Joy Nitai ! Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare! Jay Guruvarg!
(Transcription: “त” is Sunshine and Water
By Srila Nitaipreshthji, October 12, 2016)