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Transcription: Ecstatic Glories of Nitai and Nam

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(Nitai adarsh) #1

Audio in voice of Shrila Nitaipreshthji:

Agati, if you are the destination of of those who have no destination, you are the hope of those who have no hopes, you are the ends and means of those who have no means. One cannot actually glorify Nitai rakho ranga charanera pas, actually Nityananda Prabhu is our only hope against all hopes because in kaliyuga there are so many tests,so many distractions,so many allurements,so many enticements and its so easy fall down in kaliyuga.

You know devotees keep telling me difficulties they are having, i mean most devotees are very happy in chanting Nityananda,Gauranga along with Hare Krishna Mahamantra but maya is very strong, so our only hope is Nitai. So Agatira gati Nitai, so Nitai is our hope against all hopes and as one author ‘Kathia muhan’ explains very nicely that Nityananda Prabhu has actually made a channels from the lord to condition souls.The channel of mercy is Nitai like we see in case of jagai and madhai without Nitai the lord would had never excepted them, so Nitai is the channel, the divine channel of mercy!

Katia muhan, actually if lord would never want to deliver us still Nitai persists, so there is nothing which Nityananda Prabhu cannot give that is the thing which i realized today. Jaya jaya Nityananda Charnarvinda, jaha hoite ami painu Radha Govind. Even madhurya ras, Nityananda Prabhu can give, Krishna das kaviraj he is gopi in the Radha Krishna lila, his name is kasturi manjari and krishna das kaviraj goswami was imparted his spritual form in Vrindavan by mercy of Nitai as Nitai told him to go to Vrindavan and he composed Chaitanya Charitamrita and he was fully established in his transcendental position.

So Jaya jaya Nityananda Charnarvinda, jaha hoite ami painu Radha Govind and Jaya jaya jaya Nityananda ram jaha hoita ami painu vrindavan dham. If one wants to attain vrindavan dham, If one wants to attain Radha Govinda, the only mean is Nitai. Without Nitai we cannot go anywhere in spiritual life. One cannot attain anything at all. But it is such a clever trick of maya that even devotees now a days they do not emphasize on Nitai and maya keeps that secret away, that causeless mercy away from the souls as much as possible of Nitai. Because the moment you utter Nitayananda, the moment you utter His name, Nitai, immediately you become free from clutches of maya, i have realized that! So merciful! In any situation if you chant Nitai, one can feel oneself in the spritual world and Nitai’s form, Nitai’s pastime are so accessible to everyone.when we chant His name. Even if our consciousness is very very low you can try chanting Nitai name, you will experience Nitai in a very positive way.

Today Nitaidas after receiving initiation, he asked me what is the difference between Nityananda and Nitai- difference between these two names? So i told him that Nityananda is more magnanimous name and Nitai is more intimate name, Nityananda gives us happiness and bliss instantly and Nitai is a name chanted by his mother Padmavati and his father Hadai Pandit. Nitai! Nitai in short. Its very attractive to the lord because Nitai name has been chanted by His mother and father so when we say Nitai, it reminds Him of his mother and father and Ekachakra dham vasis.

We should chant the 12 names of Nityananda Prabhu these are very powerful names and anybody who chant these names they become free from all kinds of misgiving, suffering and obstacles and one certainly receives the causeless mercy of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu without doubt! Some times while chanting, i myself become intoxicated by chanting names of Nitai.

12 Holy Names of Lord Nityananda
By Shrila Sarvabhauma Bhattacharya

Verse One

1} nityanando 2} avadhutendur, 3} vasudha-prana-vallabhah;
4} jahnavi-jivita-patih, 5} krishna-prema-pradah 6} prabhu.

1}- Nityananda : He Who is constantly the fresh personification and the ever-expanding embodiment of the eternal and supreme blissful mellows of Lord Gauranga-Krishna’s pure unalloyed love.
2}- Avadhutendu : The transcendental Moon of the divine Madness of love completely untinged by His own material energy.
3}- Vasudha-prana-vallabhah : The most dear and beloved life-breath of Shrimati Vasudha-devi, the direct incarnation of Lord Balarama’s wife Shrimati Varuni-devi.
4}- Jahnavi-jivita-pati : The eternal divine husband of Shrimati Jahnavi-devi (the incarnation of Lord Balarama’s wife Shrimati Revati-devi) and the maintainer and sustainer of Her life and soul.
5]- Krishna-prema-pradah : He Who bestows pure, unalloyed and ecstatic love for Lord Krishna’s Holy Name, Form, Pastimes and Lotus Feet.
6}- Prabhu : The Supreme Lord and Master of all the devotees and all souls in the spiritual and material creation.

Verse Two:

7} padmavati-sutah 8} shriman, 9} saci-nandana-purvajah;
10} bhavonmatto 11} jagat-trata, 12} rakta-gaura-kalevarah.

7}- Padmavati-suta : The most beloved darling and divine son of Shrimati Padmavati-devi.
8}- Shriman : He is of splendrous transcendental majesty and He is the eternal Husband and Consort of the Goddess of Fortune.
9}- Saci-nandana-purvaja : The most beloved elder brother of the Supreme Lord Gauranga, the divine son of mother Shachi.
10}- Bhavonmatta : He Whose bodily form is continuously maddened and inundated with overwhelming ecstatic emotions of pure love.
11}- Jagat-trata : The saviour of the whole creation including the spiritual and material worlds.
12}- Rakta-gaura-kalevara : He Whose divine bodily complexion and radiance is golden tinged with red.

Joy Nitai ! Joy Nitai !

Nityananda or Nitai- which is most powerful Name of Lord?