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Transcription: Divine Form of Nitai

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(Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj) #1

My audio answer to how to really feel trinad api bhava at every moment to get the full mercy of Nitai for Radha-dasyam!

Yes apana bhajana-katha, na kahibe jatha-jatha, but even then not just telling your bhajan is not enough, enough shelter of Nitai. The sambandha jnana. And sambandha jnana comes with trinad api sunichena (Sri Siksastakam) is required. And the more humble we become, the more trinad api we become, Nitai will have pity on us. Pity! We are not qualified for mercy, we need pity. Compassion! One sided compassion, then He will give us shudha Hari nama and Radha dasyam.

(Srila Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj, October 25, 2016)

Divine form of Nityananda or Lord Nitai is the first form of God which will manifest before us since it is always accessible very easily to any soul.

(Srila Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj, October 26, 2016)

Jay Nitai! Haribol! I cannot cry real tears for our Dayal Nitai, so Nitai is making me cry with the tears of cold. How merciful He is! You are right actually yesterday was the first time I ate the khichadi cooked by our Nitaimani Das and I feel so blissful. Even after the night, today morning, I feel like I am standing on the periphery of Ananga Manjari’s Kunja in my spiritual form beholding Radhakund ,Shyamakund. It’s very very important actually who cooks for us. That’s how Prabhupada made devotees. He made roti’s, He cooked initially, due to that the souls got attracted to Bhakti. (cough) I just applied some jhandu bhaam, it burns like fire and makes you cry. Atleast I can remember Nitai while crying. Because Nitai is always crying with tears of love. Oh how much He wants us to come to Him. How much, it is unimaginable. He cries for us. He weeps for us. He hankers for us even though we are conditioned souls. How much mercy He gives to those who fight for Him, those who are in His camp, those who are in His favor. Yesterday I explained Nitai namlekhan all the 10 strokes in great detail in gujarati language to gujarati devotees and today I feel so much that Nitai is so happy with that, so pleased . Whether we live or die in this world the most important is to make the lord happy. May the happiness, the pleasure of Dayal Nitai be my only endeavor 24/7*365, year after year to give Him some happiness. I know I deserve to be thrown in animal body after death, insect body rather but still I hope Nitai will give me a chance to please Him in whatever body I get. I deserve to be thrown in 8.4 million species of life for eternity because I have no connection with Nitai, I have no sambandh. I am abominable animal who lives and dies. I have only hope that (cry) one day after billions and billions of years I can see His form. I can be with Him though I am utterly unqualified for Him.

Dharo Nitai charan dhukhani

Just holding onto His lotus feet, come what may is my last straw of hope. I try to be a Nitai sevak, i try to act like Nitai sevak but I am so hypocritic, I can’t, I am not a Nitai sevak. But my only hope is Dharo Nitai charan dhukhani. He wll never stop me atleast from holding His lotus feet even though I am the most duplicitous. Gaur Radha Krishna will kick me away for billions of lives.

(Srila Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj, October 26, 2016)

(Viswambhar das) #2

Joi Joi Nitai. Thank You very much dear Gurudev for this audio.

From this audio one can undsrs how much Nitaimani das prabhuji is in sync and hormany with Srila NitaiPreshthji Gurudev.

Just 2 days before only Nitaimani das prabhuji was hankering to listen this line and Jahnvi dasi mataji was singing this line for Nitaimani das prabhuji continuously…

All glories to Nitaimani das prabhuji

(Nitaisevika dasi) #3

Oh Gurudev please take care :sob::sob::sob:
Many thanks to Nitaimani das prabhuji for serving prasadam to You with His own Nitai Premi hands.
The Gujarati devotees are very fortunate…

(Nitaisevika dasi) #4

I thought only the Bangla verses could produce that deep ecstasy…but Srila Nitaipreshthji’s Nitai Gita has left me floored…

(Yajnesvara das) #5

JaiJai NitaiNitai Thank you Maharaj for your constant encouragement to use this life to please Nitai

(Vasudha Nitai dasi) #6

viswanath karkera:
When i go through all this conversation and lectures of maharaj and devotees, i feel connected to transcendal mood and blissful.
one of the rarest opportunity to get connected to Nitai through the mercy of Nitaipresthji maharaj ,All glories to the devotees of Dayal Nitai,

(Radhasakhi dasi) #7

Gurudev You take every situation as an opportunity to glorify Nitai:pray::pray::pray:

(Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj) #8

Thank you everyone for your most kimd concerns! I can’t repay all of you. My dandavats to your lotus feet. I am in a more spiritually safer and healthy situation in Radha Kund then all of you though who are not in the dham, so all of you should take extra care too! Hahahaha! हरे कृष्ण! Jai Guruvarga! जय निताइ! Dandavats. :pray::raised_hands:

(Nitaisevika dasi) #9

Humaare doctor, physician, paritrata toh aap hi ho Gurudev :sob::sob: Aapki kripa ho gayi toh Nitai Dham mein bhi bula lenge. I am derived due to a lack of sincere and earnest desire…I will try to cultivate that seriously :pray:

(Anjali Gupta) #10

Dandavat pranams Shrila Nitaipreshthji Gurudeva:blush::pray:.
Thank you for caring so much for every soul:blush::blush::pray:

(Bharatishvaridasi) #11

Yes ,hope this will be our last birth ,we get prepared for it with our Gurudev and Nitai devotees in this group ,let all sufferings come in this birth only !