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Transcription: Dil ki baat on Nitai Nam and Nitai Bhaktas

(Shruti jain) #1

Following are the audios by Shrila @Nitaipreshthji :

So when we say Nitai Nitai it’s like Padmavati is calling Nitai in her home and Nitya lila is going on even if Nitai has grown up in his Kishor form still Padmavati is there in the yogapith of Ekachakara with Jahanava and Vasudha. Still Padamavati always cries Nitai Nitai where are you? Which room or which chamber where are you sitting? Who is sitting with you? Nitai Nitai
That Name is her sustaince, her life breathe, life air.

You know giving happiness to Nitai’s devotees is like pleasing Nitai because Nitai smiles beautifully when His devotees are happy. Don’t think that you are too fallen, just come to Nitai. And beacause in kaliyuga we commit offenses everyday, every single day, every single moment. Our presence in this material world is offensive because we rebelled against Nitai in His own brahamajyoti, His bodily effulgence. We rebelled! And now in this material world our offenses are pilling one upon the other. It all started with one offence, that wrong desire, that seed of trying to enjoy seperate from Nitai. Now we are here. Some devotees ask why Nitai name is necessary daily, because we are commiting offenses daily and we need to erradicate them and remove the poison in our senses. I have firm conviction in my heart that only those devotees who relish the bliss of Nitai can control their senses in this degraded kaliyuga
Nitaaaai Nitaaai Nitaaai Nitaaai

Nitai Nitai
And you know the greatest misery what is that in my life? The greatest Sorrow? Its very unfortunate. That is when i hear from someone or meet someone who does not understand my mood about Nitai. And they tell me why are you not glorifying Gaur and Radha Krishna. I feel so sad, i feel like, i remember when Gauranga Mahaprabhu used to say Gopi Gopi Gopi Gopi, then they did not understand Him. They said Him why are you saying gopi gopi chant Krishna’s name. So it is only when one experiences Nitai, only that person knows why one becomes Nitai fanatic. My simple answer would be that i exclusively glorify Nitai because Nitai saved me and He is saving me and He is giving me love when nobody elses ready to do that. nobody. Nitaaaai!

Yes dear Mohit i also feel the same. I mean i think when if ever all of you devotees come to Radhakund, Nitai bhaktas, i will just cry. Enjoy to get all of your association and talk about Nitai. I will roll on the ground and be so happy. Fullfillment of my life is to be with Nitai premis.

Doyal Nitai Doyal Nitai Doyal Nitai !
Nitai is so kind. He takes care of everything even our smallest of needs. Actually this verse yogakshemam vahamheyam has been brought to its real glory,its real truth, its full applicability due to Nitai’s incarnation. He is the one who actually does our yogakshemam vahamheyan because He is overflowing with mercy and compassion.
Joy Nitai joy Nitai doyal Nitai doyal Nitai!

Joy Nitai
Who said that Nitai’s dwadash gopals the twelve cowherd boys, they were not aware of Radha and Krishna? They were fully aware of Radhe Shyam. Many of among his 12 cowherd friends had deties of Radha and krishna, Radha Gopinath to worship. I will show you photographs of them in the next vedios of the 12 associates of Nitai. Even though they were in the pure sakhya ras, by Nitai’s association they got attracted to madhurya rasa and they worshipped Gopinatha. Krishna as Gopinatha. So Nitai is the abode of Madhurya, He is the abode of vatsalaya, He is the abode of sakhya, dasya and shant.
Joy Nitai

Ohh Nitai
I am completely ashamed that all this years you tried to interest me in the mission of soreading Your Name Pastimes and Glories but i did not understand it at all. Not even a drop. Please forgive me for this biggest offense. I ignored all the times You saved me You gave me your mercy and i spent my time in thing which were having no connection with You. I wasted my time. The same time which You gave me which You are giving me without You i will b dead right now. You are my life and soul. You are the Supersoul in my heart. What a gross ignorance on my part. How ungreatfull and wretched am i. To not become Your instrument to not understand Your will. Please sir forgive this constant offender. I feel even ashamed to ask you for forgiveness because i have spent my seconds my minutes my days my years without endevouring to spread Your glories. You sent my to this workd and i did not do anything for You. I still can not do anything for you. I an totally helpless. I dont deserve to even take Name because i am not greatfull enough to all that you are giving me all that given me and to all that you will give me in the future. I dont have edequate greatfulness. If i had real for You then i would have never forgotten You. I would have never done anything not related to You. But You still tolerated me. Ohh Nitai what is the lomit of Your tolerance. I can not grasp it. I din’t know what to say. What good You see in me ohh Nitai. I am hopeless case. Sajana varjatae sukharje burote aukarje
I don’t have any confidence in myself that i’ll be able to do anything to spread your glories because a sinful person like me how can it possible to perform this highest of all task. This most confidential of all sewas in this world. Why are You still persisting with a hopeless case like me. Why do you see hope in me ohh Nitai. If you see hope in my you have to do something. You have to give me your love first without it nothing is possible.
Prem dane jagajane mann kaila sukhi
You give Charity of love i know that without asking anything in return because You want to make everyone happy their true happiness. So i am one of them one of Your part and parcels. However wretched and decierful i am please somehow i know You by some extreme good fortune and goodluck. I know you. I don’t know why. I don’t know how. I theoritically know that You are more metciful that anyone in this creation. So please make that theory into reality. Let me realize Your mercy. So that i can become a transparent instrument in your hands to spread your glories.

Yes Nitai naam Nityananda naam It awakens our purity and It acts on us in a different way It gives us the positive bliss first and then the negative things automatically leave because they can’t stand the happiness just like the sun rises the dawn the darkness flees very fast. So according to Harinam Chintamani one should increase the time period with the name develop the relationship with the Nane then the Form will manifest then the qualities so if we are not finding any taste in Hari naam and in Gaur naam and therefore we are not giving time to the chanting in that case if one chants Nityananda prabhu’s name then one will get the taste and develop a
Shei sambandh nahi jar britha janama gelo taar
That sambandh relationship with Nitai’s name and with Nitai develops and then the Nane becomes very free flowing and estatic and happy and the mind doesn’t want to let go and that is the stage we become qualified to becone to chant Gaur and Radha Krishna’s name gradually in an offenseless way and our love keeps on increasing.

You are so mercifull. You give the right destination to the fallen souls. Lord Nityananda has a Plag. That plag gives prema bhakti. He never discriminates wether one is uttam or adhama. Most inavated or most degraded. He gives prema bhakti to all. Sri Nityananda prabhu gives prema to everyone. And thus makes the whole world happy. You are such a merciful thakur Nitai. Then why i am so unhappy. Where is your mercy on me. You make the whole world happy by Your name but i am still unhappy. I don’t have any qualification but that does not mean that i have no hope because You are the hope of the hopeless. Kanu Rama das says what more shall i say ohh Nityananda You are the Lord of our Pranampara. Greatest hope. Such a mercy. Lord.

This is a comment to the article Nitai naam Nitai katha and Nitai dhyan written by Ishana thakur das
Actually i am greatful for such a article any article which brings out the Nitai nishtha in our souls is the most projaniye most beneficial article for the suffering conditioned souls. Because Nityananda is very intimately connected to our soul as He is monitoring all our activities in the form of His pleniary expansion of the Supersoul. The parmatama in our heart is the expansion of Nityananda. So that extent we understand Nityananda to that extent we develop Nishtha or one pointed exclusive devotion an Exclusive attachment to Nityananda’s causeless mercy to His holy Names to His holy dham of Ekachakara and to His holy associates like Jahanava mata and Veerbhadra Gosai and the 12 dwadash gopalas to that extent the causeless mercy will flow into us and we will attain the summit of all spiritual realization simply by hardcore faith in Nityananda prabhu. This was shown by Krishna das kaviraja goswami and he attained the fullfillment of all his desires in madhurya bhav. Simply having great attachment to Nityananda. So certainly even the souls punished by Gauranga mahaprabhu are saved only by Nityananda prabhu. So those who don’t have deep attachment for Nityananda that is hopeless then. There is nobody else nobody else who can save them.
Nitaii Gaur premanande Hari Hari bol