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Transcription: Beauty and Secret of Nitai Nam Akshar

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(Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj) #1


Jaya Nitai. Hare Krishna. Jaya Guruvarga. When we will learn to see, behold and appreciate the transcendental beauty of the Nitai naam aksharas? They contain the beauty of all the forms of God in their original form. Externally they look just like simple syllables but they are the windows to the original forms and the pastimes of Nitai Gaur and Radhe Shyam. Devotees prefer to look at the deity form, which looks very very beautiful externally. They look at them for hours and hours. But the deity form needs installation from a pure devotee and lots of other things. Their are 64 sewa aparadhas. Whereas the Nitai naam akshar form is all merciful and accessible 24/7. But we tend to look only at the external beauty. The deity form will ultimately convert and be transferred it to the original form, but the Nitai naam akshar form, is never replaced because they are original. They will show us the original. Unfortunately we don’t have attraction for them because they don’t look so beautiful as the external deity forms.

The original bodily forms in the nitya-lila will REPLACE the deity form in our heart because the deity form is not original. But the Nitai Nam Akshar being original will also remain after revealing the original bodily forms and pastimes and will not be replaced. In fact, the Nitai Nam Akshar form reveals the original forms and pastimes much quickly than the deity forms in this material world.

The ”निताइ“ form is more merciful than any deity form in the whole creation!

(PremiKrishnadasa) #2

Dear Gurudev
We will keep the Nitai deity form as our top priority