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Think outside the box

(Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj) #1

:speaking_head: :running_man: The very last meeting before They departed to the spiritual world was between Lord Nitai and Lord Advaita. So we should observe Lord Advaita Acharya’s appearance day today with a determined resolve to spread Nitainam to every soul in this world. And we should begin that effort from today itself! Glorifying Lord Advaita Acharya by words among each other is wonderful, but actually doing something to spread the name of His dearest Lord Nitai to new souls, beyond the limited borders of the small devotee community in this world, is the real pleasing service to Him on His appearance day! LET US WALK THE TALK TOO!!!

:earth_americas: Lord Advaita Acharya prayed for the deliverance of the most unworthy souls who are running away from Bhakti. So let us STOP being comfortably satisfied with all our devotional sharing, which will save you and only a few handful of others souls, and tax our brains to devise and implement unique and universally acceptable ways and means of spreading Nitainam to the billions of souls who don’t even want it. THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX PLEASE!!!

~ Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj