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The Trick to Defeat Maya and Conquer Life

(Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj) #1

:hourglass: Fully focus on your sadhana, prachar, seva, and postponement of maya, ONE DAY at a time. Then your whole life will turn out to be the best offering to Nitai, because life is nothing but a sum-total of each day. It is just like filling the ocean drop by drop. The best way is obviously to inoculate ourselves by doing 4-6 hours of sadhana remembrance before we begin our day’s prachar or sevas, like I have mentioned before, but for those who can’t do that, there is still hope. Here is the solution.

:alarm_clock: Convincing our mind to avoid maya’s temptation for ONE DAY is much much easier and LESS STRESSFUL than for long-term. Once you are successful in doing that on one particular day, resist her again the next day, and so on. Who knows, you will feel better the next day after waking up, or after doing your sadhana or prachar, and the thoughts of maya will vanish on their own, so it won’t be such a struggle the next day anyway. Maya wants us to forget our DAILY BATTLE against her, so that she can defeat us in the war of our lives. We should not let her do that.

:mantelpiece_clock: Therefore, just concentrate on avoiding or postponing these destructive thoughts in the present day you are living, and Nitai will come to your rescue on the next day. Just be with other devotees, go for a walk, go to sleep, watch a Nitai video, etc. if you feel you are about to fall into maya, and postpone that giving in to maya on that day somehow. And Nitai will do the rest. Just like Garuda came to help that bird who was fully focusing on emptying the ocean DROP BY DROP to get back her drowned eggs.

:stopwatch: Otherwise, you will lose the race of life, just because you did not fully focus on doing the right things and saying no to the wrong things on the DAY AT HAND. Apply this same principle to your sevas and sadhana. Don’t plan too long ahead. Take up the seva you like to do today, and complete it before thinking or planning for the next. Otherwise, you won’t be able to properly complete even one seva. To summarize, just totally focus on each day, and your life will take care of itself.

:timer_clock: PS. Srila Jagannath das babaji was saying this same thing of focusing on each day, when he said that don’t sleep daily till your quota of sadhana remembrance is completed, and your life’s sadhana will take care of itself.