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The Nitailekhan Experience

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Jaya Nitai, dear Nitaipreshthji and devotees.

just a quick share of my gratitude Vayulekhan. For quite sometime internet access had fully stopped, so once up a running I was surprised to see such deep enthusiasm for Vayulekhan. Inititially taken by surprise, a new sadhana? airwriting? what is this?

Ive been reading NitaiVeda, learning, now implementing the practice. Amazing!!! Thank you Swami and devotees!

Fully convinced. Its increased taste for jaap, focused the mind, the Mantra seems to appear before my minds eye, pleasing to the heart…and non-different to Lord Nitai himself. Pure Nectar.

thank you.

:hibiscus:Jaya Nitai, dear Nitaipresthji and devotees.

Vayulekhan no doubt is topmost sadhana. Easy to incorporate into daily routines. Calming. Cleanses and purifies the home and environment. Increases devotion to Gurudeva. Fills the heart with gratitude. Increases appreciation of kirtan, the blessing to sing the Holy Names with assembled devotees, increases joy in the heart when hearing other devotees chanting Holy Names in kirtan. Deepens thankfullness for Darshan during Deity Worship. Increases ability to focus during Kirtan and Arati, attentiveness, and clear mind to appreciate realizations. These are some things I feel deeply grateful for this week…of what Gurudeva’s mercy is blessing us with.

On the train to service, its often crowded, hectic and difficult to do jaap, so I have found opening up one of Srila Prabhupada’s small books and reading is good, and on each page draw Nitai Nam, visualizing internally. Prabhupada’s books are a storehouse of blessing, and to place Nitai syllables on each page seems a fitting meditation of respect. Hope this is ok to do?


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Jai Nitai, dear Nitaipreshtji and devotees,

This weeks realizations. A fond memory is one the first times sitting with bhaktas in an Iskcon temple…long time ago now but somethings remain very clear in memory. The beautiful Deities, seeing and hearing about Sri Sri Gaura Nitai for the first time, and hearing the Panca Tattva mantra. And ofcourse kirtan! I wish to talk about the kirtan of Nrsingha prayers…

Firstly the memory of how powerful this song impressed on the heart. Its melody. Its pastime. And the evident enthusiasm could be heard as devotees sang it…

I wondered, why did Srila Prabhupada include this in daily temple service. Ofcourse I am not qualified to explain such wisdom of this great Acharya…but can express instant attraction to the Nrsingha prayer. Things are clearer now after reading an article by Srila Nitaipreshtji… Lord Nrsingha, Lord Nitai…mercy. Being a spiritual son of Srila Gurudeva, the seed of attraction was already in the heart, waiting to grow. The way I see it: the Nityananda Mantraraja, the Nitai Vayulekhan, are sublime gifts of mercy… The Vayulekhan will deepen these initial attractions, grant light to understand, clear dross and prepare fertile ground…and a blossoming creeper.

Ofcourse the process needs be applied. Here is the miracle: Nitai gives shraddha to me, Gurudeva embodies love. With both these gifts doubts run away, and desire to apply the process deepens. No doubt in Lord Nrsingha’s presence for me today.