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The love of music, the true sankirtan?

(Amy Harilal) #1

The love of music, the true sankirtan?

Sankirtan is defined as the congregational chanting of the Holy Names of the Lord and it is called the religion of this age of Kali that we are living in. But how could it be the religion of this age unless everyone is practicing it? In actual fact every time we feel moved by even a song on the radio the sankirtan movement of the Lord is affecting us. In this sense even when we listen to music on the radio or anywhere we are fulfilling the Lord’s prophecy that people shall be delivered by the sound of sankirtan.

Not that all music is beneficial of course. We should be careful what we listen to, what sound vibrations enter our ears as sound can have negative effects as well. For instance, I know that if I listen to something high tempo or aggressive whilst driving, my driving will be as bad as almost an inebriated person’s driving.

I know that this is probably a bit of an unorthodox view but I think that popular music has much to offer the devotional mindset. The lyrics of popular music are often deeply moving, relevant to our lives and can remind us of God and love. I feel that modern songs have a lot to offer devotees by way of being more compassionate and understanding people when we try to understand the meaning of the lyrics and the picture or story the song is trying to weave and show us.