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The Little Boy of Ekachakra

(Nitaisevika dasi) #1

:hibiscus:Gauranga’s arms are always raised in Kirtan and Nitai’s arms are extended forth, encircling Gaurhari, ready to catch His Prananath when He leaps in ecstasy and falls to the ground.

:hibiscus:The little boys in Ekachakra would constantly engage in plays of the Lord’s pastimes. As they would wonderfully act out all these transcendental pastimes, everyone witnessing this phenomenon would be as if struck with thunder. How do they know these pastimes? They never heard of them, nor have they ever studied any scriptures. Oh they are only little children! No one could understand how such esoteric lilas could be known to such great extent to these small children.

This is Nitai’s mercy!!! If Nitaichand is merciful, all pastimes arise within the heart spontaneously. All realizations enter into the heart of that soul. There remains no need to even study scriptures! Even a child can understand confidential truths about the Supreme Lord by the unprecedented mercy of Nityananda Prabhu!