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The greatest friend and benefactor~ Nitaichandra

(Nitaisevika dasi) #1

Nitai Tweets (@Nitai_Sevika)

:hibiscus: Lord Nityananda’s love for His beloved Lord Gauranga Raya and Gaurahari’s love for His Pran Shriman Avadhutcandra has no other comparisons.

:hibiscus: Nitai is the most expert in petitioning the Supreme Lord and using tactful tricks to melt His heart for the fallen souls. Our only hope. :slight_smile:

:hibiscus: One who has not taken efforts to be blessed by the Supremely wonderful nayak Lord Nityananda Balaram, such a person’s life is simply a waste

:hibiscus: The whole Guruparampara becomes overly pleased & delighted just upon hearing Nitai Nam emanate from someone’s mouth. This is an eternal fact

:hibiscus: The means and the end are the same. Nitai is our be all and end all. He is our worshippable Master and final destination for eternity.

:hibiscus: Every time anyone asks me the solution for any problem of any sort, I wish I could reply with just one word-Nitai! The all-time savior.

:hibiscus: Even in difficult situations when it feels like Nitai has forgotten us or left us, He’s working everything out behind the scenes just for us

:hibiscus: We will never be able to penetrate through the depth of Nitai’s love and concern for us. He sheds His own blood just to make us chant once!!

:hibiscus: Nitai is unable to contain His vast, limitless & uncontrollable love within Himself, thus He floods the three worlds in prem. Premera vanya!

:hibiscus: Nitai is everyone’s only friend & benefactor (mitra hitkari). He removes the deadly disease of maya through the operation of His kripadrishti

:hibiscus: Those who are rejected/forsaken by Gaur Radhe Shyam, Nitai continually runs after them and makes them mahabhagavats by the dint of His mercy

:hibiscus: Nitai continually begs us, “Oh jiva, I will give you that unattainable treasure which no one has ever achieved before! Just come to Me once”

:hibiscus: Nitai begs us, “Give me all your aparadhas and take all the love and bliss I possess! I will take all your burdens and sins on My own head!”

:hibiscus: Nitai gave the supreme destination hankered for, yet not attained even by yogis-to the lowly/limitlessly fallen & the gross materialists.

:hibiscus: It is Haladhar who smashes our false ego with His club and weeds out the root of our envious mentality with His plow. He performs the heaviest task, but does it with the softest heart. Who but Nitai would be so compassionate? :cry: Who?

:hibiscus: The ocean of Bhakti is very unique. If you wish to frolic in its nectarean waves, you must drown yourself. That is the only way to swim in bhakti sindhu jale, by completely drowning oneself first. How to totally immerse oneself into the waters of devotional service? Here is the only way:

samsarera paar hoiya bhaktir sagare
je dubibe se bhajuk nitaichandere

:tulip:Anything that is aparadha bhanjana automatically becomes abhaya daata - the granter of fearlessness. Fear is uprooted when one realizes that there is no reason to fear! If the consideration of aparadhas is gone, the handcuffs of fear are gone. The intended goal is to make everyone God loving, not God fearing. What could be more aparadha bhanjana than Nitainam, Nitai Dham, Nitai prasada, Nitai bhaktagan, etc? Who is more aparadha nashak and adosha darashi than Nitai in the first place? So if one truly wants to become abhaya charana, fearless under the shelter of the Lord’s lotus feet, one must approach Nitaichandra!

:hibiscus:Krishna is always ever-ready to serve the lotus feet of His own pure devotees, His loyal servitors. Karunasindhu! But just for once consider the mercy of Nitai, who is willing to fall at the feet of even those disloyal servants who under the veil of ignorance audaciously deny their servitorship to Him! Adhama patita jivera dvare dvare giya, Harinama mahamantra dena bilaiya :cry::cry: Emon Doyal aar to nai he! Ha Doyal Nitai!

(vishal nitai) #2

Joy Nitai dear Prabhvi
Nitai is everything and everywhere: we desperately need a Lord like HIM. He is our only true wellwisher in this maha Kaliyuga.