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The danger of thinking you know everything

(Amy Harilal) #1

The danger of thinking you know everything

This post is just a personal realisation that I had I my life because so many times in my life I thought, “right, I know everything about life and exactly what to do with myself”. And then what happens? Something totally unexpected. It brings to mind a quote by John Lennon; “Life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans”. John Lennon called it simply “life happening” to you, but as devotees we see it as providence (the divine intervention of God).

When the unexpected happens to us, the more extreme the event the more we become unbalanced by it. I’ve found that the more unyielding our points of view are as to what we think is right or wrong, acceptable and unacceptable, the more difficult it becomes for us to adjust to new situations and make good decisions at the right time.

I guess I’ve found that keeping an open mind about the possibilities that life can present is so important in living a more fulfilling life. I think it’s about finding the right blend of orthodox and unorthodox spiritual views in one’s life which helps us understand better the amazing beauty of the Lord’s unique plans for helping His children learn something more, and experience something greater than what could ever have been expected by any ordinary mind.