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The Daily Sadhana for Full-Time Preachers

(Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj) #1

:hibiscus: We have to learn from the mistakes of the past preachers who preached for years but suddenly left preaching. Otherwise Nitainam can’t spread. We need preachers who are in for the long haul as Nitai is not known at all, so it may take decades. Even though prachar gives us very fast kripa-siddhi, we may fall down more easily and frequently during prachar if we don’t have a strong morning Nitaimoy sadhana, because we expose ourselves to maya much more during prachar. It is like a sharper blade which can shave faster, but can also cut us easily.

:hibiscus: Don’t forget that we are living in kaliyuga. We cannot give up going out and seeing all the alluring sights of maya. We can’t avoid it or we can’t live. Nor can we stop using the internet, even though the internet is the greatest maya always with us, because it is the only way to reach out to and save millions. That said, we don’t want to give up prachar at any cost, because we regularly fall down anyway even if we don’t do prachar, and because it is the only way to change all our mundane activities into Nitai Bhakti.

:hibiscus: So what can we do? Is there nothing which we can do to save ourselves from the all-pervading and all-entering maya in kaliyuga? Shunning ourselves away from maya may help in the short term, but eventually we will fall a victim to it. The only solution is to develop a very strong spiritual taste every day before we expose ourselves to maya. This will protect us till the next day. Yes, only till the next day. We can’t go on preaching for many days on just one day’s sadhana. We have have do this sadhana daily, every single day, day after day. Then we will become unfallen preachers always bubbling with enthusiasm and bhakti, and able to inspire new souls in just a few minutes.

:hibiscus: This morning sadhana is the most important protection for all the preachers and in fact all devotees in this world. In fact, it is a do or die for the full-time preachers, I would say. Based on the feedback I receive, I would recommend a strong sadhana full with Nitaimoy remembrance for at least four full hours in the morning before the preachers go out or before they start preaching on the internet. No one should be above this rule. Even if we have to meet Bill Gates on a particular day for example, we should not compromise on these four hours of remembrance on that day.

:hibiscus: These four hours can be an audible combination of japa, gunjan, kirtan, and singing or hearing of lila verses, bhajans with harmonium, tanpura, etc., whichever one of them helps you to remember Nitai the most. Remember, this is the formula to please Nitai and get kripa-siddhi in this very birth. A proper mix of both prachar and sadhana is our only path to the nitya-lila. In fact, these four hours of sadhana will actually enable us to truly relish our prachar to the fullest extent, and thus we will never give up our preaching, like so many preachers have done in the past.

:hibiscus: You may ask why so long? Why four hours instead of just one or two? The Lord actually gave us the bare minimum sadhana of eight hours or one lakh names daily to guarantee our full immunization from the toxically increasing levels of maya in kaliyuga. So I would say that the ideal would be at least like 6 hours of daily positive remembrance in sadhana to ensure our full safety of no fall down ever. This obviously means that one or two hours will not work at all. Four hours is the minimum and six hours is the ideal, almost. Taking your medicine in a dosage much smaller than what is recommended by the doctor will certainly lead to the relapse of the disease again and again.
:hibiscus: I know that it is not possible for every devotee to start with a four hour sadhana due to a lack of taste. But for full-time preachers, this is mandatory. If they don’t have the taste, they have to force themselves and gradually develop this taste for at least four hours of sadhana in the morning daily. And if the preacher is still feeling vulnerable to maya after these four hours of honest remembrance, then he or she should make it for six hours before preaching. Then there will no more sinful thoughts or desires anymore throughout the day and night.

:hibiscus: And these four to six hours should be before we start preaching, not in the middle, or in the evening or night after we have preached. That will not help us in the long run. Therefore, it is paramount that all preachers sleep early or start preaching late ONLY after they have completed this four to six hours of sadhana. They should also try to avoid being alone because most of the fall-downs happen when we have the chance to indulge in them privately.

:hibiscus: I have given the way for kripa-siddhi to all our devotees which is Nitaiprachar. So it becomes my paramount duty to also give the sadhana which is needed for this Nitaiprachar. We don’t see our Nitaipracharaks as just manpower. We care for the deliverance of every single soul, especially our own devotees first, as we are Nitaibhaktas and our charity begins at home.