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THE Avadhuta :)

(Nitaisevika dasi) #1

:cherry_blossom: Nitai is the greatest lover, benefactor and wellwisher for every single jiva! He is willing to cross all limits and considerations to save us! The real meaning of Avadhuta means one who casts away all rules and norms just to bring one soul closer to Gaur Radha Krishna…one who blindfolds himself from seeing all faults just so that he can bring the greatest good to others. This name befits only and only our Nitaichand. Jay Avadhuta Shiromani! (or shall I say ‘all glories to THE Avadhuta…our Avadhuta’) :blush:

:cherry_blossom: Avadhuta means that if Gauranga is displeased and wants to punish us, He will come in between.

:cherry_blossom: Avadhuta means that if Gauranga refuses to grace a devotee with His divine audience, Nitai will make it happen (as He did for Maharaj Prataprudra).

:cherry_blossom: Avadhuta means Nitai is always ready to unhesitantly enter into the most abominable of places, like the bar or cemetary, and associate with the lowest of mankind, such as mlecchas and dogeaters, to deliver Krishna bhakti to such souls and relieve their misery.

:cherry_blossom:Avadhuta means come what may, Nitai will not leave us.

:cherry_blossom:Avadhuta means not only is He Himself crazy, He makes others inevitably go mad as well (in prema)! :blush:

P.S. Check the Kirtan at Raghav Pandits house pastime if any doubt, haha! :wink:

:cherry_blossom: Avadhuta means Nitai is different from everyone else. He is the most unique Lord ever and His mercy is unfathomable! Avadhuta means this:

tribhuvane advitiya karunya sima (CB 3.1.143)

“Nitai’s compassion is UNIQUE in the three worlds!”

:cherry_blossom: Avadhuta means He is willing to give up the consideration of His own position and prestige, and come down to whatever level required to uplift us – His beloved children. Akrodha Paramananda Nityananda Raya, Abhimana shunya Nitai nagare beray.

:cherry_blossom: Avadhuta means Abhiman shunya. He is willing to grab onto the feet of His own eternal servants and beg them to take the name of Gaurhari. Amare kiniya loho bhajo Gaurhari.

:cherry_blossom: Avadhuta signifies our Nitai’s forever childish mood…His naughty temperament so full of love.

:cherry_blossom: Avadhuta can mean ONLY NITAI!

:hibiscus:It’s true that Nitai is Akrodha, but we should not forget that He is also Param Bhaktavatsal. Nitai is very protective about His devotees. There is a fine line even to Nitai’s unlimited patience and tolerance when His associates and devotees are offended. Of course Nitai is willing to forgive when we realize our mistake, but we should never push it to that final level.

(Hem Gauranga das) #2

All glories to Nitaisevikadasimataji…

Gurudevaki laadli banegi ekdin puri duniyaki laadli!

(Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj) #3

Whose ladli she is not in our sanga? She has just the perfect words of overflowing appreciation for every one of us even though she has never met us on this platform and has conquered all our hearts by that service.

(Nitaisevika dasi) #4

Aaj to pani Puri ke jaise phul jaungi… Nitaibhakton ki jay ho! Please just always keep showering your mercy and blessings on this useless soul so that very soon i can actually be of some use. :pray:

(Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj) #5

I have to get back to Nitai Seva. A 100 sevas on my todo list to prepare the ground work for our Nitai preachers. I dont have this luxury of free discussion because 2017 is our Nitai content-creation year in all our three branches NR, NM, and NB. If we dont produce enough content this year then our Nitai viral prachar will get delayed by another year.

(Hem Gauranga das) #6

Always U spend every single moment in Lord’s service
.aapki Jai dao

(Nitaisevika dasi) #7

It’s true…Gurudev’s list of sewas are only increasing and increasing…all of us combined cannot match up to His mark. :see_no_evil:

(Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj) #8

Yes I have done so many parikramas, yatras, kathas, and programs but everything is forgotten. What remains in this world in the pdf books we release, posts we make on the websites, and videos we record to inspire millions of souls in the future