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Suraksha kavacha against maya!

(Nitaisevika dasi) #1

Nitai Tweets (@Nitai_Sevika)

:sunflower:The only way to remain out of Maya’s grip,even while being surrounded by her agents, is to always meditate on Nitai’s inexhaustible glories.

:sunflower:Simply remembering Nitai lila in any possible way has got the immense strength to severe all the shackles of maya. Nitai conquers the mind.

:sunflower:In Nitai bhakti, theres no such thing as a fall down. There is only Nitai picking us up. He just keeps lifting, until we can no longer fall.

:sunflower:Maya devi can no longer attack anyone who is engaged in Nitai bhajan, because she herself becomes senseless upon remembering His mercy.

:sunflower:Kali kukkura mudgara bhava dharam. Nitainam is the stick which makes the dog of Kali run away. He is afraid that even he will faint in prema

:sunflower:Youve seen the strength of Maya for so many lifetimes, now see the prowess of Mayapati (Nitai) in this life by doing Nitainam Lekhan & Harinam

(Siddesh Kannan) #2

Hey Nitai! no words to describe these Nitaimoy tweets which so clearly preach Nitai’s merciful nature :sob::sob: