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Shrila Nitaipresthji Making Prasad

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(Nitai das) #1

Gurudeva cooking chapatis for himself. He is an expert cook. His chapatis were round and very soft. While cooking and taking prasad, he told us about importance of food made and bought by a devotee and role of consciousness. By mercy, we also got the maha prasad.

(Nitai Gaur das) #2

Wish I could have a single bite of this maha maha prasad cooked by Shrila Gurudev.
:pray::pray::yum::yum:Just imagining the transcendental taste of them

(Jahnavi dasi) #3

I ate one chapati :blush::pray:🏻:pray:🏻nitai das prabhuji also ate one. :speak_no_evil::speak_no_evil:yes… each and every roti was round… and super soft… :blush::blush:

(Nitai Seva das) #4

Ohh Gurudev :raised_hands::raised_hands:Jaya Dao Jaya Dao
:full_moon::full_moon:Chapati ka Gaura Rang chaayo Radha Kund dham main

:yum::yum:Sabko Milaa Maha Maha prasaad aaj to Kripaa main.
:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:Jaya Jaya Nitai Jaya Jaya Radhe:pray::pray:

(Mani Manjari dasi) #5

roti itni soft thi gurudev ki ki muh m jate hi melt ho jaye

(Nitaisevika dasi) #6

Ahaaaa :yum: buttersoft qualities like Nitaichand :heart_eyes:
Prasada cooked by Nitaipreshthji’s hands is like Nitai in His foodstuff form :pray:

(Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj) #7

Yes, I am endeavoring my best to become Nitai Svayampaki Sevak from now on!