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Series : Nitai bestowing Radha dasyam and madhurya bhava

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(Nitaisevika dasi) #1


:point_up_2: Above is the 32 mb katha of the Introduction to the Series of Nitai Bestows Radha Dasyam–Secret to Approaching Radharani

Following is the beginning of the series of Nitai bestowing Radha dasyam and madhurya bhava. Remembering the lotus feet of Nitai’s dearest pure devotee and my beloved master, Shrila Nitaipreshthji, and by the blessings of all the Nitaisevaks, decided to begin this series. By Parameshwar das Thakur’s mercy, the beginning portion of the introduction to the series has been recorded today. This is also an extension of the small book this fallen servant had written earlier regarding the supreme position of Nitaichandra as the only gateway and distributer of madhurya rasa. Please forgive all the shortcomings of this fallen aspiring servant.
Nitai Bestows Radha Dasyam Series Part 1:

INTRODUCTION: Secret to Attaining Radharani

The summum bonum of all devotional service, the highest achievement of all achievements, is Yugala pada sewa, which is solely situated on serving the Queen of Vrindavan, Sri Radhika. This divine love and service is so valuable, so exalted, so inconceivably higher than all the other forms of devotional service, that to even contemplate on the glorious position of the one who can grant this topmost treasure is impenetrable. In order to adequately establish the supreme position of the one who is granting this divine service and madhurya prem, we must first understand in depth the supremacy of this divine wealth.

labdhva dasyam tad ati-kripaya mohana-svaditena
“When, by Shri Radha’s supreme mercy and favor will I become Her maidservant?”

Our highest aspiration in devotional service is to achieve the loving service at the lotus feet of Srimati Radharani. The attainment of this topmost service is not so easy. Devotees often mistakenly underestimate the elevated and esoteric position of Srimati Radharani, and hastily try to jump into directly approaching Her in madhurya rasa without the proper understanding or qualification. These words are not to be mistaken as a premise of not worshiping Radharani, that of course is the topmost goal of our devotional service, but we must first understand who She is and what is Her position, so as to avoid committing offenses at Her lotus feet.

tasya namo 'stu vrishabhanu-bhuvo mahimne
(Radha Rasa Sudha Nidhi, verse 3)

“Obeisances to the glory of Shri Vrishabhanu’s daughter. Even Brahma, Shiva and all the demigods cannot attain the pollen of Her lotus feet. Her merciful glance showers the best of all nectars.”

Radharani is worshiped by the demigods headed by Brahma and Shiva, yet even the dust of Her lotus feet remain unattainable for them. Lord Shiva is the greatest vaishnava of all, vaishnavanam yatha shambhuh, yet he cannot directly approach Radhika. He has composed so many prayers glorifying Radharani, like Kripa Kataksha Strotram and Radha sahasranam, yet Her divine pastimes still remain forever a mystery even to Him. Who then are we conditioned souls to try and rush into Her pastimes without the necessary qualifications?

yo brahma-rudra-shuka-narada-bhishma-mukhyair
alakshito na sahasa purushasya tasya
sadyo-vashi-karana-curnam ananta-shaktim
tam radhika-carana-renum anusmarami
(Radha Rasa Sudha Nidhi, verse 4)

“I meditate on the dust of Shri Radha’s feet, dust that even Brahma, Siva, Shukadeva, Narada, Bhishma, and a host of great saints cannot see, dust that has limitless power, dust that at once transforms the Supreme Personality of Godhead into Shri Radha’s submissive servant.”

What to speak of vaishnavas and demigods, the lotus feet which are deeply hankered for and the constant object of meditation for Sarveshwar Rasaraj Krishna Himself (yogindra-vad yat-pada-jyotir dhyana-parah), how can They be easily accessible to anyone else? Vrajendra nandan Himself has to go through great penances and sadhana, as guided by Radha’s gopis and Vrinda Devi, to simply become qualified for obtaining Radharani’s darshan and performing pastimes with Her, and He performs even more intense sadhana to grab hold of Radha’s tender lotus feet and place Them on His head. The lotus feet which Shyamsundar holds upon His head with great devotion and reverence, being the Supreme Personality of Godhead, what must be Their unfathomable glory?

Radha sewa is therefore not only the goal of souls engaged in devotional service, it is the ultimate goal for Krishna Himself.

Premnah san-madhurojjvalasya hridayam shringara-lila-kala-
vaicitri-paramavadhir bhagavatah pujyaiva.

Bhagavatah pujyaiva. Radharani is the most worshipable object and swamini of Bhagavan (Sri Krishna). We are worshiping the Supreme Personality of Godhead and the Supreme Personality of Godhead is worshiping Radha. Her worship is th
erefore even higher than worshiping Krishna, in fact it is the perfection of Krishna aradhana. The name Radha comes not only from aradhana, which pertains to Her being the greatest devotee of Krishna, but it also emanates from “Aradhya” which means one’s most worshipable deity. Aradhya is also translated as the “goal of worship”. She is Krishna’s ‘aradhya’, and to attain Krishna’s aradhya must be even more difficult than attaining Krishna Himself.

So how can we expect to penetrate through Her confidential pastimes when we are not even fully capable of purely worshiping Krishna without any offenses. We are committing so many nam aparadhas, seva aparadhas, dham aparadhas, etc daily, which are hampering our progress in devotional service. Indeed these aparadhas are directly against Radharani Herself. Apa-radha, if we deconstruct this word into its two roots, the meaning which we derive from it is that which is “against Radha”. In this pitiable condition, it is practically impossible to even meditate on conjugal pastimes with a pure state of consciousness.

Even if we are to consider directly entering into such a higher esoteric realm, the question arises of how to approach Radharani. No doubt that She is supremely merciful, even more than Krishna Himself, still it is not a quick and easy task directly approaching Her. She is constantly engaged in looking after the desires of Her sakhis, Her gopis, who are siddhas and Her eternal servants, how will she immediately turn to us, the nityabaddhas?

The only medium of attaining Radharani is through Her beloved gopis, who are even more merciful than Radha. No one approaches Radharani directly without first being guided by the gopis. We see Bhaktivinoda Thakur personally instruct us on this when he reveals in Siddhi Lalasa that even in his own spiritual form as Kamala manjari, he was first accepted and guided by Ananga manjari, followed by Rupa manjari, Lalita Devi and then finally Radharani. Even Arjunia gopi (Arjuna desiring to taste the nectar of madhurya rasa after being instructed by Krishna), got a chance to meet Radharani after the gopis came and initiated her into the Radha mantra and Radharani’s worship. Uddhav was also directed to Radhika’s shelter only after associating with Her gopis. In any given circumstance, we can see that Radharani’s shelter is only available by those who receive the mercy of Her gopis. Even Krishna has to seek their mercy first before entering into groves of Vrindavan to perform pastimes with Radharani.

yat-padamburuhaika-renu-kanikam murdhna nidhatum na hi
prapur brahma-shivadayo 'py adhikritim gopy-eka-bhavashrayaih
sapi prema-sudha-rasambudhi-nidhi radhapi sadharani-
bhuta kala-gati-kramena balina he daiva tubhyam namah
(Radha Rasa Sudha Nidhi, Text 74)

“Brahma, Shiva, and the demigods are not qualified to place on their heads even a single particle of dust from Radha’s feet. Even so, they who take shelter of the gopis, in the course of time eventually attain Shri Radha, who is the great treasure of the nectar ocean of love. O destiny, I bow down before you.”

The gopis are the carriers of Radharani’s divine mercy. In particular, the manjaris are the most merciful. They selflessly serve the sakhis and Radha, and feel great pleasure in granting others that service. Indeed it is their mood of service in the nitya lila which we are aspiring for.

Oh but there is yet another problem. How to approach the manjaris! The glories of the manjaris are always kept very hidden even in Krishna lila. If you notice in the scriptures, they are barely ever explicitly mentioned. The manjaris also tend to keep the sakhis in the forefront and themselves remain hidden because of their naturally humble nature, making it even more extremely difficult to understand or approach them. So how is their most confidential bhava revealed to the whole world? This manjari bhava, which is hidden even in the scriptures, is disclosed by the grace of Gauranga Mahaprabhu.

anarpita-carīṁ cirāt karuṇayāvatīrṇaḥ kalau
samarpayitum unnatojjvala-rasāṁ sva-bhakti-śriyam
(CC Adi 1.4)
The anarpita, most hidden treasure of all time, which Sachinandan has come to give to this world, is manjari bhava. Serving Radharani in the mood of a manjari. This is why He has brought all the manjaris with Him in His pastimes in order to propagate their glories. The gopis are attained by the mercy of Gaursundar. Lalita Devi was exceedingly pleased when Rupa Manjari brought Kamala Manjari (Bhaktivinoda Thakur) and mentioned that she was a devotee of Gauranga. However Gaurhari does not indiscriminately distribute this rare manjari bhava to the conditioned souls, because He knows they are unqualified.

In that case, for limitlessly fallen souls like us, this Radha prema still does not remain fully accessible. Gauranga would never even discuss the topics of Radha Krishna before anyone. The merciful glance and benediction of Gauranga Mahaprabhu is attained only through a very important personality. :slight_smile:

So now comes the final question, how to attain the unprecedented mercy of Sri Gaursundar?
This is the final answer which will give us our ONLY medium to surely and easily attain Radharani and madhurya bhava!

Gaurahari is definitely more easily approachable than Radharani and the manjaris, but yet do not forget that He is Nyaya Kripadhish. There is still some consideration of judgement. Because He is Radha-Krishna combined, He contains Radharani’s magnanimity to a great extent, but Krishna’s nyaya (judgement) is also present. Now who is our only resort left?

So now the only hope that remains for us hopeless souls is the Lord who is cent percent Kripadhish! He knows nothing but causeless mercy. The one who is the most liberal Lord in the whole creation, and His greatest pleasure is in giving Gaur Radha Krishna to whoever comes before Him. The one and only Nityananda Raya! Without Radha, no Krsna. Without Gopis, no Radha. Without Gaur, no Gopis. And without Nitai, no Gaur. In conclusion, without Nitai there is nothing! Everything begins only and only with the mercy of Nityananda!

Mahaprabhu is also very magnanimous, but His mercy is not freely available to those who are extremely fallen or those who do not aspire for the mercy. Nitai’s mercy however exceeds the mercy of Mahaprabhu. Nitai runs after even those miserable souls who are averse to devotional service and abominably fallen, bestowing upon them the qualification to directly serve the lotus feet of the Divine Couple Sri Sri Radha Krishna. The uniqueness and peculiarity of Nitai’s lavish mercy is that He willing to even change our free will, which is not even a consideration for Gaur and Krishna. This is what makes Him the only hope for fallen souls to attain the Divine Couple.

“Mahaprabhu’s grace presupposes some selection, whereas NITYANANDA’s grace has no selection The grace of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu presupposes some selection, but Sri NITYANANDA Prabhu’s grace has no selection. He gives His grace to whoever He comes across. NITYANANDA Prabhu is so magnanimous that He saves whoever He comes across on His way. His mercy is so raw, undiscriminating, and broad. NITYANANDA Prabhu is most benevolent. Mahaprabhu has a sort of discrimination, but NITYANANDA Prabhu does not care for any discrimination whatsoever. Whether one is a fit or an unfit candidate, he is still counted as worthy. Such is His mercy.

Never dare to approach Sri Sri Radha and Krsna, neglecting the grace of Lord NITYANANDA (hena nitai vine bhai, radha-krsna paite nai). So, our revered Sripada Bhaktivedanta Swami Maharaja laid stress on Nitya-nanda Prabhu. NITYANANDA Prabhu is Lord Balarama. NITYANANDA Prabhu’s grace is stressed for the fallen; His grace is real wealth for them because discrimination has hardly a place in it. Although not much, we nonetheless find some sort of discrimination in the magnanimity of Lord Gauranga. But NITYANANDA Prabhu is more generous. So first go to NITYANANDA Prabhu, and by His grace you will go to Mahaprabhu. And by the grace of Mahaprabhu you will easily reach Sri Sri Radha-Govinda in Vrndavana.”

-B.R Sridhar Maharaj
(Source: Chapter Twelve: Every Word is a Song
, Sermons from the Guardian of Devotion Vol. 1)

What will get us into the realm of Radha Krishna’s conjugal love is not qualification, what can be the “qualification” to witness such high pastimes- it is only mercy which enables us to enter into that realm. And Nitai is the last limit of causeless, unconditional mercy.

“There is no limit to the mercy of Nitai, you cannot find out the limit. If there would have been some limit to His mercy, then the last limit is Nityananda!"
~Gour Govinda Swami

At the present age when committing offenses has become unavoidable and pure love has become practically unattainable, Nitai has made His heroic entry!

ye bhakti gopika-ganera kahe bhagavate nityananda haite taha paila jagate

“The devotion of the gopis described in Srimad Bhagavatam was awarded to the people of the world by Nityananda.” (CB Antya 5.303)

Nitai is so causelessly merciful that He is distributing this most hidden treasure of all time not to just one or two souls, but the whole world (nityananda hoite taha paila jagate)! One may ask, what is their qualification? The answer is very simple, Nitai’s mercy IS the qualification. Gauranga will only distribute the fruits of His divine conjugal love to those who are graced by the causeless mercy of Nitaichand. This is the ultimate qualification. In fact Gauranga has Himself proclaimed Nitai as the proprietor of His mercy. Gauranga always gives all His mercy only through Nityananda, and it is through Nityananda that all His actions are performed.

amara sakala karma-nityananda-dvare akapate ei ami kahila tomare
(CB Antya 1.103)

"I tell you frankly that all My activities are performed through Nityananda.”

Nitai is perpetually maddened and engulfed in the ambrosial of Gaur Krishna prem. When one is overly intoxicated, the tendency to judge completely wears off. (uttama adhama kichu na kare vichaar) So Nitai is in that state. Intoxicated with Gaur prem. This Gaur prem is gushing out of His lotus eyes incessantly in the form of tears, just like a waterfall of uncontrolled compassion. Only when Nitaichandra will wash our filthy hearts with His pearl-like tears, will Gaurhari appear in our heart. Only then will we be able to peer into Gauranga’s heart and see the divine conjugal pastimes of Sri Sri Radha Krishna. Gaur’s pastimes are encapsulated within Nitai’s heart and Radha Krishna’s pastimes are locked in Gaur’s heart. Therefore Nitai’s heart is the transcendental abode of Gaur Radha Krishna’s pastimes and He is the sole transparent medium for all souls to see them. Gaur Radha Krishna are forced to appear where Nitaichandra is present.

“Nityananda Prabhu is our only hope, He is so benevolent, so generous, so gracious, that very easily we can draw his attention and we can get his recommendation. Gaurangadeva will not be able to disregard his recommendation, and when we have got the grace of Gauranga then the Radha-Krsna lila is within our fists. Nityananda Prabhus grace means to get Mahaprabhu’s grace within our clutches and to get Mahaprabhu, means to get Radha-Govinda, Vrndavana, and then everything is within our fists.”

-B.R Sridhar Maharaj

(Source: The Magnanimous Nature of Sri Nityananda Prabhu)

Nitai’s drunkenness in Gauranga prem is so intense, that He is bound to distribute that prem to one and all without seeing any qualification. In our present condition we are actually running away very fast from Gaur Radha Krishna due to our unforgivably offensive nature, which we are persisting to at every moment. Nitai is the only Lord who is running faster than us to catch us and bring us back to Gaur Radha Krishna’s shelter! Our aparadhas are the greatest obstacle in our Krishna bhakti which makes us Radha vimukha. Nitai is the only Prabhu who is not only forgiving these offenses unconditionally but is also the one who annihilates these offenses from their root.

tumi se jivera ksama sarva aparadha
patita-janero tumi karaha prasada

(CB Antya 5.629)

"You forgive all offenses of the living entities, and You bestow mercy on the fallen souls.”

Thus, Nitai is the
direct, safest, fastest, most reliable and ONLY medium of approaching Radharani and madhurya rasa.

brahmadira abhlsta ye saba krsna-bhava gopi-gane \yakta ye sakala anuraga
iìgite se saba bhava nityananda-raya dilena sakala priya ganere krpaya

Out of His causeless mercy Lord Nityananda freely distributed to His dear associates the love for Krsna that is desired by personalities like Brahma and the attachment to Krsna displayed by the gopis. (CB Antya 5.418-419)

Demigods headed by Brahma cannot understand the gopis’ cultivation of Krsna consciousness. But Sri Nityananda Prabhu mercifully and freely gave His own servants the gopis’ attachment to Krsna, which is rare for even personalities like Brahma.

We have seen earlier how the demigods headed by Brahma are unqualified to even touch one pollen of the dust of Radharani’s lotus feet. Nitai is giving Radha bhava, Radha prema freely to one and all. Brahmara durlabha prema prema sabakare jache.

In this way, Nitai easily provides for everything which we cannot even imagine of attaining in the next millions upon millions of lifetimes. That which devotees have to continually search out and aspire for, Nitai distributes it freely to one and all, the only delay is of going before Him. (je age padaye tare kare nistara)

Misconceptions about Nitai’s ability to award madhurya are extremely prevalent and are a major cause of downfall. The intention of this article is to eradicate all those misconceptions, and establish Doyal Nitai as the greatest benefactor of all times, who causelessly awards Radha prema.

To reiterate the essence, there is no service greater than the service of Gaur Radha Krishna. That is the perfection and summum bonum of all service, that is the dormant bhava in our swarupa (jivera swarupa hoi krishnera nitya das). Therefore, what must be the position of one who is granting that service?

And there is only ONE person in this entire creation who is capable and more importantly, MERCIFUL enough to grant this topmost service. And that personality is Nitaichand!

More valuable than the treasure itself is the one who grants that priceless treasure. Indeed their value is even more than the treasure, because without them there would be no possibility of attaining it in the first place.

Let us wholeheartedly glorify that Nityananda Rama, who is the gateway to madhurya rasa and the foremost bestower of Radha dasya.



:point_up_2:Above is part 1 of the series “Nitai Bestows Radha Dasyam” titled Nitai’s Deep Connection with Radharani. In this part of the series, Nitai’s deep connection to Radha Krishna in granting entry to their pastimes is described, according to the injunctions of the scriptures and our Acharya’s vani. Nitai!

:point_up_2: Above is a part 2 of the series glorifying Nitai as the foremost bestower of Radha dasyam and Madhurya bhava. Heno Nitai bine bhai Radha Krishna paite nai. In this part of the series, Nitai’s exquisite form and service to Yugal Kishor in madhurya rasa as Ananga manjari, whose mercy is crucial to enter into Radha Shyamsundar’s pastimes, is described. The confidential mystery behind Nitai’s complexion and unique mood are also revealed, which are extraordinarily connected to His divine position as the greatest distributor of gopi bhava. Nitai!

:point_up_2:Nitai Series Part 2: Nitai is coupled with Ananga Manjari’s bhava audio 25 mb

Nitai_Manifests_As_All_Lilasthalis.m4a (8.1 MB)

:point_up_2: Nitai Series Part 3: In this katha it is described how without Nitai’s assistance, none of Radha Krishna’s amorous pastimes can manifest or take place, neither externally or internally in our hearts. Even for Radha Krishna’s to appear in our hearts, Nitai’s sanction and appearance is utmost necessary and crucial.

Nitai is the Foundation .m4a (11.7 MB)

:point_up_2:Above is part 4 of the Nitai Bestows Radha Dasyam series- Nitai is the Foundation. The foremost importance and greatest amount of attention while erecting any kind of structure is given to the structure’s foundation. The strength of a tree lies in its roots. Nitai is the consolidate foundation of our Radha Krishna bhakti as well as its roots. All endeavors of rapidly and hastily trying to progress upwards to the realm of rendering service to Sri Sri Radha Madhava without first adequately taking Nitai’s shelter (by performing Nitai bhakti) is like constructing a superstructure without laying a foundation- a useless and futile attempt. Heno Nitai bine bhai Radha Krishna paite nai. Joy Nitai!

Following is another amazing proof, in the potent vani of Srila Gour Govinda Swami, of Nitai’s being the root of the tree of devotional service which I had unfortunately forgotten to mention during the above katha.

His Divine Grace Srila Gour Govinda Swami:

"So Lord Nityananda is also Guru-tattva. You understand The spiritual master is a manifestation of Lord Nityananda. In sastra many things have been said about Lord Nityananda.

sacisunu-prestham nikhila-jagad-istam
sukha-mayam kalau majjaj-
harer-vyakhyanad va bhava-jaladhi-
bhaje nityanandam bhajana-
taru-kandam niravadhi

“This is a description about Nityananda Prabhu. Nityananda Prabhu is very dear to Sriman Gauranga Mahaprabhu and He is mercifully disposed to the welfare of every living entity in the universe. He is always intoxicated with Krsna-prema and just a merciful glance from Him will turn anyone mad with love of Krsna. He comes to this material world in this Kali yuga to deliver the sinful persons. He is so merciful, unlimitedly merciful one cannot trace out the end of this mercy, it is unlimited mercy. He chants and does Hari-kirtan and preaches. He delivers the fallen souls here in the material world. In Bhagavad-gita it has been said, daivi hy esa guna-mayi, mama maya duratyaya. The manifestation of maya-sakti is very, very difficult to surmount. This maya-sakti is insurmountable. But Sri Nityananda Prabhu, by doing harinama-sankirtana just crushes the pride of this maya-sakti and He has shown a very easy way how to cross this material ocean of nescience. THIS BHAKTI, DEVOTIONAL SERVICE IS LIKE A CREEPER, BHAKTI-LATA. AND THE ROOT OF THAT CREEPER IS NITYANANDA PRABHU. Do you understand? So I prostrate myself at His lotus feet.”

Above is Nitai Bestows Radha Dasyam Part 5: The Gopi Bhava of Gadadhar das (Chandrakanti Gopi) Manifests by the Mercy of Nitai

Joy Nitai! Wishing everyone a very happy tirobhava mahatithi of Nitai’s Praner priya Gadadhar das Thakur. One can simply marvel at His super excellent connection with His beloved Master Nityananda Raya, because He is none other than Chandrakanti Gopi in Krishna lila. He is one of the foremost examples of Nitai bestowing Radha Dasyam to His own associates. What makes this even more interesting is that Chandrakanti Gopi is no ordinary Gopi, She is Radharani’s bodily effulgence! The fact that Nitai can grant Madhurya bhava even to such personalities is a huge hint and indication of His Supreme position as Radha Dasyam data. Please forgive my shortcomings in glorifying Nitai and one of His foremost associates. :pray:

(Nitai Bhikshu das) #2

Joy Nitai! Nitaisevika dasiji’s Radha Dasyam intro is so in depth!
Sources from all Acharyas
After reading it you develop a very unique appreciation for the Maha Boon of Radha Dasyam
Which is impossible to get without Nitai Kripa.

Joy Nitai! I have been listening to this series on my way to and from work.

(Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj) #3

So much effort has gone into this. Thank you dear @nitaisevikadasi.

(Radhasakhi dasi) #4

There is so much clarity and sincerity in your voice and your words that anyone will sink into what you say…So beautifully spoken:pray:

(Vasudha Nitai dasi) #5

Joy Nitai! So beautiful and soothing. The music at the back is very nice.

(Nitairam das) #6

Waaah jay hoooo… so beautiful

(Bharatishvaridasi) #7

Vah !so sweetly explained !
Background flute is making your nector super sweet. Your voice is so clear so no problem and if we hear in that speaker it is ecstatic !

(Nitaisevika dasi) #8

Thank you dear mataji, glad you liked it :pray: my poor efforts bear fruit when Nitai’s beloved devotees are pleased. These are my first times adding flute so I was worried if I messed up the sound

(Rāmānanda Dāsa) #9

Dear Mataji,

Thank you so much for these inspiring audios. May Nitāi bestow upon all of us the service to Srīmatī Rādhāranī.

Nitāi-Gaura Hare Kṛṣṇa!

(Nityanandi dasi) #10

Jaya! And Purnananda gopi, one of Balarama’s closest girlfriends also entered the body of Gadadhara das Pandit. So He has a very intimate relationship with Nitai, no matter which way You look at it! It’s no wonder that Jahnava Mata’s srivigraha decided to live in His sripat at Ariyadaha!

(Hem Gauranga das) #11

Nitai is most expert in bestowing all the mellows of Love of Godhead including Madhurya Bhav - by Nitaisevika dasi

(Nityanandi dasi) #12

That’s true. And we also need to get rid of the stigma that sakhas are inferior. The mood is different not lowly. For those in sakhya bhava it is the most satisfying and they would not trade it for anything else.

Actually madhurya encompasses all the other moods so one who is truly in madhurya will respect those in sakhya too. That being said those who are in madhurya do need a guru who is also in madhurya, either siksha or diksha. Shyamananda Pandit set the perfect example of this