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Secrets on Sadhana and Pleasing Lord

(Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj) #1


What sadhana can we actually do to please the nitya-siddhas to open the gates of the nitya-lila for us? You know, even if we do best sadhana in this world, still it will be nothing, not even a drop, compared to the nitya-sevas they are eternally doing. So there is no guarantee that just our sadhana will induce them to open the gates of the nitya-lila.

The only sure act which will touch their hearts, however, is if give the most merciful and forgiving Nitainam to as many lost souls as we can and bring them to Nitai. Because the lost souls are only present in this material world. Radha only accepts those souls who fully surrender to Nitai first. So this is the highest seva we can do, which even they can’t do from the spiritual world so easily, unless they personally come here. Therefore, Nitainam Prachar is the easiest bhakti and sadhana to quickly please Ananga, Rupa, Lalita, and eventually Radharani.

:hibiscus: Good question dear @hemgaurangadas. It is just like japa or kirtan. Both open or closed eyes are fine because the form and lila appears in the heart in front of our spiritual eyes when our spiritual eyes open. Spiritual eyes don’t depend on if our material eyes are open or closed. No one is better than the other. Both are equal.

:hibiscus: For Nitai, the first month of every year is for Nitai as He appeared in Jan. And He is Eka or first Lord of Ekachakra. So the first month of Jan is appropriate for Nitai so that we can attain Gaura Radha Krishna in the whole year with such a good start of Nitai’s mercy. But we will celebrate it not selfishly but selflessly to please Him by giving to others Nitainam, not just cuddling in the Dham or temples. As SP said, WORK NOW, SAMADHI LATER! Deserve your Samadhi! SP also said it is sense-gratification to not spread the Holy Name and go to the Dham or temples for an easy life.

:hibiscus: This Kartik I am fully offering my every second to set the foundations for Nitaiprachar with an aspiration to please Radha is this way and gain the rarest Radha-dasyam through Ananga manjari, which cannot be attained even by the most perfect sadhana in any dham. This is my sadhana and my religion. :raised_hands:

:hibiscus: Yes, even in Kartik we have to approach Radha through Nitai to actually attain Radha-dasyam. The instructions of Srila Narottam das Thakur that “heno nitai vine bhai radha krishna paite nai” are also valid in Kartik, not just for every other month except Kartik. In fact, my param-gurudev Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Prabhupada used to talk and emphasize Nitai Gaura Lila in Radhakund and Vraja in Kartik and Radha Krishna Lila in Mayapur during Gaura Purnima. So what is the harm in following in His footsteps? He said that we get entry into Madhurya (Vraja) by Audarya and into Audarya (Navadvipa & Ekachakra) by Madhurya. In fact every single time, we should remember Radha’s lotus feet in Kartik or non-Kartik months only after remembering the lotus feet of Nitai as prescribed in the Gaura Govinda Smarana Archana Paddhati by Dhyanchandra Goswami.

:hibiscus: My short one-minute answer or outpour circular telegram videos will now be publicly available at even in the chrome browser. And specific video can be shared on Facebook with a direct link.

:hibiscus: Sometimes when we successfully manage to say “NO” to Maya due to the power of our Nitai Gunjan, Nitai Lilakirtan, and Nitai Prachar, we give credit to our ownselves for that temporary victory over Maya. But if you want to make it a permanent victory, then you have to profusely thank Nitainam and Doyal Nitai from the bottom of your heart and give full credit to Them at that time, not to our own efforts. Only a tiny always-humble fish can escape the all-pervading net of Maya, not the big fish.

:hibiscus::wilted_flower: Doyal Nitai will only appear before us when we repeatedly plead to Him in our hearts that we are utterly unqualified to have His darshan, even after practicing our daily gunjan, kirtan, and prachar. He will never appear if we demand His darshan or if we think we are qualified for it.

:hibiscus: Nam-prachar is also sadhana, because without prachar there is no kripa or mercy and thus even the best sadhana won’t yield any results.

:hibiscus: Nitai Gunjan Sanga
By Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj

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