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Sadhu Sanga and Shravanam

(Nitaisevika dasi) #1

“In Chaitanya Caritamrta Lord Caitanya says that sadhu-sanga, the association of a great saintly person, is very important, because even if one is not advanced in knowledge, simply by association with a great saintly person one can immediately make considerable advancement in spiritual life.”
(Quotes by Srila Prabhupada)

Devotee and the Divinity

“A pure devotee is just like the Desire-Tree from whom we can have on request everything desireable. This is no myth or bluff but it is actual fact. The devotee can deliver to us the mercy of God and what is not obtainable by one who has got the mercy of God? Therefore the devotees are the most magnanimous in their charitable disposition of mind. They are also the deliverer of the fallen souls and we need to offer our obeisances unto their lotus feet so that we can invoke their blessings in our all attempts.”

(Ref : Excerpt from an article by Srila prabhupada, handwritten )

Prabhupada stopped speaking - memory of a disciple

Mahakratu: In 1977 I was traveling with Dhirakrishna, Riksaraj, and a couple of other brahmacharis in Yasodanandan Swami’s group.

When Prabhupada went for darshan in the Delhi temple, four or five of us were in the room with him.

Prabhupada said, “Have you got any questions you would like to ask?” Immediately Dhirakrishna asked Prabhupada, “How does one become a spiritual master?”

Prabhupada called for the First Canto of the Srimad-Bhagavatam and had the story of Narada Muni read out loud. Every so often Prabhupada would say, “Do you understand this?”

After we heard the story, Dhirakrishna asked Prabhupada, “Could you elaborate on that so we can understand for ourselves?”

Prabhupada said,

“Associate with devotees and take the remnants of prasadam just like Narada Muni did. Continue the process of Krishna consciousness, chanting all your rounds very clearly every day. Follow all the regulative principles, act in an exemplary way, and carry on this preaching.”

That was his main point. “Carry on this preaching. Don’t stop preaching.” In that way, there can be many spiritual masters.

Prabhupada was on the vyasasana about to lecture, and there was a group of ten or twelve devotees sitting near him. I was sitting under a corner of the vyasasana.

Hansadutta and Yasodanandana were also there. When Prabhupada started to speak in Hindi, a whole bunch of devotees got up to leave. Prabhupada stopped speaking.

He looked at us and said in English, “This is for you as well. Where are you going? Stop. You should all stay here and listen.”

The devotees thought that they could walk away from Prabhupada’s lecture since they didn’t understand the language. But Prabhupada didn’t like that at all.

He wanted everybody to sit and listen because whether we understood it or not, it was purifying for us. Afterwards he said,

“You devotees don’t understand the potency of this preaching. It is what is going to purify your hearts. You’ll become Krishna conscious by hearing, even if you don’t understand, not by wandering around.”


:point_up_2:This shows how even if we don’t understand what the spiritual master is saying…still we should hear submissively…because just the sound vibration entering into our ears means instant purification

(adwaitsevadas) #2

So true!! Darshane pavitra karo ei tomara Guna.:raised_hands:

(Madhavendra Puri Dasa) #3

In our publication work, translations to our mother language, we can follow the example of Sukadeva Goswami and Pariksit maharaja.

So many teachings is contained in their harikatha. Sukadeva is speaking to a very wide audience on different levels and with different interests, but at the same time he is giving private Darshan to Pariksit.

This can only be done by using indirect language, poetic language.