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Respect others and you will respect the Lord

(Amy Harilal) #1

Joy Nitai. All Glories to Shrila Gurudeva all the devotees, please accept my pranams.

I was just remembering a video of Shrila Gurudeva’s that I saw a long time ago. In it he talks about how the offensive mentality starts to manifest in people and devotees; first we disrespect our enemies, then our peers, then our superiors, then our Guru and then finally we are forced to disrespect even the Lord. I say “forced to” because I’ve found it is that way, because the Lord doesn’t like anyone hurting or disrespecting anyone else so actually we are made to fall down at that point because we failed with others we cannot succeed with the Lord.

No one has the right under the law of God to even take what one may consider a just revenge. As devotees we must leave vengeance to the Lord to take. That is His right and position and we are seriously transgressing our position as devotees if we think to take that right into our own hands.

The difference between true devotees and others is that a devotee never takes revenge or vengeance for even an unsought insult. In this way we can prosper in our spiritual lives and bring the grace of Lord Nityananda into our lives.