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Relish Madhur Harinam

(Nitaisevika dasi) #1

:hibiscus:The holy names are the ultimate source of all inspiration. Just by doing Nitainam Lekhan and chanting Harinam sincerely, one can recieve the inner inspiration, by the grace of Namdata Sri Guru, of how to serve Nitaichandra pleasingly.

:hibiscus:The point is to give everyone Nitainam hook or by crook. Chale, bale, kaushale! If we are a little crafty for Nitaichandra’s sake, then very soon we will directly witness His expertise in petitioning Gauranga Krishna to give us prema.

:hibiscus:Vrindavan das Thakur writes in His bhajan antare Nitai the following words: sadhana Nitai bhajana Nitai. Nitai is one’s sadhana and Nitai is one’s bhajan. So if one is writing Nitai’s name (even without full knowledge of Bhakti Tattva), one is already performing bhajan! They are to be known as a sadhaka. This is the uniqueness of Nitainam.

:hibiscus:Writing Nitai’s name with all fingers gives a lot more satisfaction of touching Nitaichandra. :innocent:After all, if we are massaging His body, catching onto His lotus feet, rubbing scents or oil on His body, etc, we will do it with our whole hand.

:hibiscus:If you touch Nitai’s audaryamoy Nam with your hand, you will be able to relish Madhumoy Harinam with your tongue.

:hibiscus:Boro sukher khobor gai, surabhi kunjete namera hatta khuleche
Khoda Nitaaaaiiiii Khoda Nitaaaaaaiii
You can feel Bhaktivinoda Thakur’s ecstasy and jubilation just flowing out of this song. All glories to the Broker of the Holy name. One can derive deeper meanings from the ecstatic lines of this bhajan while visualizing Nitainam aksharas during Harinam. I always enjoy singing this line in between my rounds to glorify Nitainam Prabhu.

:hibiscus:You are never alone when you have Nitainam.