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Realizations of Nitainam Lekhan (vayulekhan) (Part 5)

(Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj) #1

Nityanandi Dasi

Nityananda! Gauranga! Hare Krishna! Ananta koti Dandavat pranams in the dust of the lotus feet of my eternal spiritual master, Nitaipreshthji Gurudeva and also all the gemlike Nitai devotees who spread their effulgence far and wide, dispelling the darkness of ignorance.

Nitai Airwriting is the most effective and viable way of experiencing the esoteric pastimes of Nitai directly in His transcendental abode of Ekachakra Dham. I am so engrossed in material thought processes that I am never able to think of Ekachakra Dham, and it’s vital forces, Nityananda Raya and Bankim Raya. However, by doing Nitai airwriting the daily pastimes of these incomparible Brothers in the various pastime places of Ekachakra Dham are mercifully revealed to even a lowly creature like me. From morning to night Their lilas are described in the succinct form of Nitai airwriting.

Specifically, it is easy to do a full pilgrimage of Ekachakra Dham by Nitai airwriting. The first curved part of the letter “N” is Ekachakra Yogapith. This is the central and starting point of all happenings in Ekachakra Dham. As the curve ends one reaches the point in Ekachakra Yogapith where Nitai united with His friends, cows, and calves at the beginning of the day. This moment is extremely special because the sakhas of Nitai have such an indescribable depth of love for Nitai. They feel like drinking in His beauty with Their eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and hands and factually They do so, because Their bodies are completely spiritual. By writing this line, the sakhas become so pleased that They grant not only the vision of this experience but also share what They themselves for Nitai. Then the curvature meets the main pathway of Ekachakra Dham, which is symbolized by the vertical line part of the ‘N’. The long curved line to the left of the ‘N’ is Yamuna Devi who surrounds Ekachakra mandala. While writing this line I always meditate on Yamuna devi’s eagerness to attain Nitai. The vision of Yamuna Devi jumping off the roof of Her palace in Ekachakra in impatience to fall at Nitaichand’s lotus feet comes clearly by writing this line and reminds me to aspire for that type of hankering for Him.

The line on top (1/3 of it, up to the end of the letter N) represents sambhanda jnana, reawakening our dormant relationship with Lord Nityananda. Since it connects to the lines for both Yamuna Devi and the central pathway of Ekachakra, it is very instructive. It means we only require simply a strong desire to be with Nitai in order to become His eternal associate and relish pastimes with Him throughout Ekachakra Dham. Nitai is so magnanimous that He does not require any complicated prerequisites; if we genuinely desire to be with Him, He will keep us with Him forever.

The curved part of the T is Siddha Bakul and it’s surrounding land. This is the hub of Nitai’s pastimes with the sakhas. Vrindavan das Thakur, an eternal participant in these pastimes, out of His overflowing compassion wanted to share the jeweled secrets of this spot with the entire world, and for this reason He infused His personal experiences with Nitai here in His brilliant literary works, Sri Nityananda Charitamrita and Sri Chaitanya Bhagavata. The dust of the land under Siddha Bakul is non different from Sri Raman Reti in Vrindavan where Balaram, Krishna, and Their friends play and frolick with each other. Therefore if one’s innate inclination is towards Krishna’s pastimes, still it is Nitai airwriting that will bestow the benediction of etching those pastimes in the inner chambers of our heart. Going on, this siddha bakul line connects to another vertical line. The upper part of this vertical line signifies the place which can be aptly called “liquid love of Nitai” which is also known as Sri Jahnu Kund or Hantugada. Hantugada is special for many reasons and I find it imperative to reflect on these as I draw the upper part of this line.

Lord Bankim Ray has immersed all His love for Nitai within the nectarean waters of Hantugada. On this planet when He was performing His manifest pastimes, He was utterly pained by
the idea of Nitai seemingly having to leave Ekachakra. Even though Nitai never truly leaves Ekachakra, even the thought of Nitai disappearing by external means was way too much for Nitai’s little brother to bear. Wanting to feel close to Nitai, He disappeared in this Kunda which was made by Nitai’s own knee. Bankim Ray is non different from Gauranga and His incarnation is Lord Vishnu who enjoys lying on the lap of Lord Nitai’s incarnation, Ananta Sesh. In the same way, Bankim Ray wanted to lie on Nitai’s lap and this same feeling is obtained by residing in Hantugada which is non different from Nitai’s own knee. Although in the spiritual world, Bankim Ray accompanies Nitai everywhere in His stunning golden form, He is also simultaneously present within the waters of Jahnu Kund. All the holy waters are present in Jahnu Kund but what makes the water particularly powerful is that the main ingredient in it is Bankim Ray’s love for His brother, which is the supreme type of love for Nitai that one can ever find besides the love Jahnava Devi and Vasudha Devi have for Him. Nitai also regularly performs His pastimes of eating and distributing chipped rice with yogurt on the banks of Jahnu Kund, therefore this is the main place where one can actually attain the remnants of Nitai! First Nitai eats, and then the sakhas, and once we reach the spiritual world of Ekachakra They will share that maha maha prasad with us! However, we do not have to wait to leave our bodies to partake in this festival, we can do it right now simply by concentrating on this area during Nitai airwriting with attention and devotion.

The bottom half of the vertical T line is again the central pathway of Ekachakra, this time going back to Ekachakra Yogapith. Nityananda Mahaprabhu, His brother, and His sakhas all do beautiful kirtan on this road. Nityananda is engaged in singing “Gauranga Gauranga” with His most melodious voice, sweeter than honey. Bankim Ray becomes ashamed upon hearing this, being the epitome of humility and immediately counter-sings, “Nityananda Nityananda”! Then They both drown Themselves in the overflowing waves of Harinam, crying, shivering, horripilating, exhibiting all the signs of the pinnacle of love for the Divine Couple, Sri Sri Yugala Kishora. The ground becomes flooded by the tears of the sakhas and the milk overflowing from the udders of the accompanying cows who are unable to contain their ecstasies. While writing this line I feel like opening the ears present within the heart to at least receive a drop of this ambrosia. The line also extends past the Yogapith and into the temple of Hadai Pandit’s Jagannath Baladeva Subhadra who exchange intimate pastimes with Nitai and Bankim Ray when They come there to do kirtan.

Next is the vertical line to the right of the T. This is like a pillar encompassing all of Nitai’s associates in Ekachakra Dham. Jahnava Mata, Vasudha Mata, Hadai Pandit, Padmavati Mata, the Dvadas Gopals, other sakhas including Vrindavan das Thakur, etc are all within this pillar. This is the core of Ekachakra. Ekachakra is Ekachakra only due to the presence of all of Nitai’s associates and devotees. While writing this line I simply offer my prostrated obeisances to all of Them and beg piteously for even a fraction of Their mercy.

The horizontal line is abhidheya which refers to practical activities that needs to be done in order to achieve our ultimate goal, Sri Nitaichand. The line is attached to two things, Jahnu Kund and Nitai’s associates in Ekachakra Dham. Therefore, what we have to do is take shelter of these two. Taking shelter of Jahnu Kund can be accomplished by meditating upon the Kund itself, meditating upon Bankim Ray, which are best done through Nitai airwriting! It is so extraordinary cyclical that Nitai airwriting itself pushes us towards doing Nitai airwriting! Then we must take shelter of Nitai’s associates. We can do this in several ways also, by meditating upon Them during Nitai airwriting, chanting the Holy Names of the Dvadas Gopals, reading the Nitai centered writings of these associates (p
articularly Vrindavan das Thakur), etc. In terms of meditation, what is particularly effective is to concentrate on the vatsalya driven interactions of Hadai Pandit and Padmavati Mata with Nitai. Hadai Pandit cannot live even a moment without Nitai and does not let Nitai out of His sight. He frequently embraces Him and His love is so extreme that His pure body starts to melt along with Nitai’s and They intermingle in a way that is not comprehensible by the use of material terminology.

Finally, the “ee” letter comes. The top vertical part of this is Hadai Bhavan where vatsalya bhava is extremely prominent. In addition to Hadai Pandit and Padmavati Mata being there, many associates of Padmavati Mata come to keep Her company while She cooks for Nitai. Although all these mothers are cooking for their children who are sakhas of Nitai, They are cooking for Nitai in actuality. During Siddha Bakul lila, the mischievous Bankim Ray instigates other sakhas to steal Nitai’s lunch. Someone steals Nitai’s lunch and others steal other sakhas lunches. Whatever remains, Nitai Himself takes. The mothers are fully cognizant of this and so they all think, today may be the day when Nitai eats my son’s lunch. Therefore They always cook with all love possible to muster. The middle of the “ee” letter which looks like an S is the heart of Ekachakra Yogapith. The top part of the S is Nitai kund which grants all desires pertaining to Nitai. Just as Jahnu Kund is the liquified love Bankim Ray has for Nitai, Nitai Kund is the liquified love Jahnava and Vasudha Devi have for Nitai. This love for Nitai can never be topped by anyone. The bottom part of the S consists of devotees of Vasudha Jahnava Nitai who are eternally engaged in Their service at Ekachakra Yogapith, and the loop nearing the end are Vasudha Jahnava Nitai Themselves who are forever intertwined by the bonds of Their love for each other. The final part of the letter symbolize Virachandra prabhu and Ganga devi (coming from the loop of Vasudha Jahnava Nitai by both familial lineage and disciplic succession) and Their Lila sthali and/or presence in Ekachakra Dham, namely Sweta Ganga.

Above this line is the horizontal line of prayojana, the final goal of every soul. The answer to everyone’s purpose of life lies within Ekachakra Yogapith so it is not surprising the line above the Yogapith complex is dedicated to prayojana Tattva. Only Jahnava Nitai can unveil the dark coverings of our soul and reveal our true form, nature and service. They may do this task through the medium of other devotees depending on the devotee’s mood. For example if one is in sakhya bhava, Gauridas Pandit imparts this most confidential knowledge to the individual soul. But He is representing Jahnava Nitai by doing so. Therefore, when writing this line I try to establish a firm conviction in the lotus feet of Vasudha Jahnava Nitai in Ekachakra Yogapith.

Nitai airwriting is my lifeline because I am so far away from Ekachakra and the pain of separation from physically being away from there is excruciating. Without being able to keep in contact with Siddha Bakul and Nitai’s friends who are continually engaged in a variety of services there, this body would have been finished a long time ago. Therefore Gaur Kishor das Babaji and Nitaipreshthji are supremely merciful to recommend this sublime process that catches the attention of the guardian of Ekachakra Dham, Sri Patal Shiva, and acts as a pass code to come in and experience the everlasting mellows of interacting with Nitai and His pure devotees.

-Viswambhar das prabhuji

Anant Koti dandvat pranam unto Your Lotus feet my dearmost Srila NitaiPreshthji Gurudev.
Since some weeks before; i was thinking how merciful You are that You had engaged us in Nitai Vayulekan.
I was thinking why even index fore finger should be left out in sewa of Lord and just see how mercifully You had engaged us in Nitai Vayulekan that even our forefinger is involved in worship of Lord Nitai…
Also while writing निताइ i was feeling इ as the beautiful Premonmatt gait of Lord Nitai. i was feeling the curves in इ is movement of Nitai. But i didn’t shared this to anyone as i thought it would be my just worldly imagination and thinking…
But to my surprise when i recently heard Your Nitaimay katha on the occasion of Balaram Pournima, Your Holiness had mercifully pointed out these very facts. and Your Holiness had explained it in more detail that by Nitai Vayulekan we are offering our false ego to Nitai… and इ refers to Lord Nitai’s Bharata Bhuvana Braman and NavDwip and Puri Yatra similar to what i thought of walking of Lord Nitai with respect to इ। Now i feel even the thoughts which arises during Nitai Vayulekan is Nitaimay. Alas when will that day be mine when i will see Lord Nitai walking so beautifully with those pearls of prem mayi tears flowing from His Lotus eyes… Oh Nitai my only hope is You and Your exalted Servants… Oh Sri Gurudev i can not describe in words how fortunate i am to be Your servant… The bliss in Nitai Vayulekan is exponential. my dearmost Srila NitaiPreshthji…i am a beggar…begging for Your mercy…begging for NitaiPrem… You are the richest person as You have the most valuable NitaiPrem which You are giving soo freely to everyone and it is still increasing in You… what can a fool like me say. I am the most wretched soul…a debauchee…please forgive for my feeble attempt to glorify You and Sri Nitai. Joi Joi निताइ। Jaya Srila NitaiPreshthji. Jaya Sri Guru Parampara.

Mayuresh Kulkarni
Joy Nitai! Dandavat pranaams to the lotus feet of Srila Nitaipreshthji Gurudeva and all the Vaishnavas. Nitai Air writing is the most easy process for a fallen soul like. Nitai naam during the early morning helps me to overcome the six sons of mind which are lust, anger, greed, illusion, madness and envy. It gives instant bliss and the Mahamantra syllables become very clear. I strongly feel that only Nitai can help us to overcome these material contaminations and engage us in the service of the Lord. I am greatly indebted to Srila Nitaipreshthji Gurudeva for revealing this process.
Name: Mayuresh
City: Montgomery, US

Siddhesh Mumbai

Writing निताइ in the air with my eyes half closed ensures that my day goes smoothly and all the accomplishments for that day become easier. The mind remains peaceful. I’ve never seen a meditation technique so easy nor can I think of an easier way of meditation! The hidden treasure of Nitai’s Pure Love is now so easily available by the mercy of Nityananda Avesh Srila Nitaipreshthji Gurudeva. All glories to him! There are absolutely no barriers to attain success in this meditation technique. Simply anyone who writes the most sublime Name निताइ! in the air attains Pure Bliss Personified! निताइ!

Hema Gauranga Das

Nitaaaaiiiii! ! All glories to Shrila Nitaipreshthji Gurudeva! ! Mindblowing glories of Vayulekhan! ! Though i am unfit to fully glorify You, Let me try to glorify You with my poor intelligence! !

Each n every divine n most potential words of Ur Vani seems directly emanating by carrying aroma of the lotus dust from Nitai’ s lotus feet! !!! Seems Air of sound flowing from the divine vigraha of Doyal Nitai !! What a tremendous purification process is going on for our burning contaminated soul which is covered by lingadeha since time immemorial n sleeping in the desertlike land of heart!!U r delivering Akashvani !! Parama satya through Your lotus mouth which is the divine storehouse of unlimited glories of Shri NitaiChand! !! While hearing Ur divine vani we gets drowned into the deep ocean of transcendental bliss! ! Oh U have given us just 16 min why not 16 hours or even more! !Ur divine vani attracts more n more like magnet to our burning soul towards the real goal of pure love of Godhead! ! Ahaaa Vayulekhan gives us gurantee of pure love of Lord! ! We r contineously n most effectively developing our conciousness towards our eternal ,natural and blissful home !!How confidently U r explaining that those in this world claims themselves as happy without Nitai means they don’t know what is the actual n real happiness as without Nitai real happiness is impossible n is like mirage ! ! When those days in this world would come when people would gladly n joyfullly accept this paramasatya of Nitai Vayulekhan to become happy in true sense! !What a wonderful incredible truth! ! Divine sound touches the heart too much n soothes our soul! ! It is our very big fortune that God is considering ourselves as fit to hear this pure vani! ! God is mercifully providing us golden opportunities to make our existance more n.more pure with such pure sound vibrations spoken from the pure transcendental plateform or visuddha sattav level! ! What a noble method U have mercifully awarded us which has amzing power to purify the all inhabitants of this universe! !
Always words falls short im describing Ur unlimited glories! ! Ananta koti repeated prostratee obeisances to Your lotus feet! ! Aapki jai ho…jai ho…jai ho…

Viswambhar das

Nitai Vayulekan is the best medicine to overcome lust anger

Laxmipriya dasi

Gurudev,when I am writing Nitai in air, I see Nitai aksharas of various colours behind Nitai ashara but I can not count it !
Wonderful vision ! Wonderful scene ! Adbhut anand(
Woderful bliss! Every moment arises colourful bubbles of anand—indescriable,unforgetable –
Jay Jay prempradata nijdhan pradata Nitaipreshthji Gurudev
Vedant Pb [9/9/15] 57
I feel that if one does even a Single Airwrite with deep meditation then one can feel its supreme effect.
One can go mad if one does 2 proper Airwrites. :sweat_smile:
In big size while meditating on the meaning of each syllable even 2 Airwrites are very heavy and fulfilling.

Nitaichand Dasi

Scriptural proof of the benediction one get on practicing Nitai Vayu lekhan:
Last Thursday while taking class on Caitanya Bhagvata, Madhaya Khanda, Chapter 12 Verse 58 which glorifies the air that has touched the body of Sri Nitai Chand, I realized that the word Vayu or vaat which is associated with Nitai Vayu lekhan is very significant to our sadhana. The verse is:-

“ihaana vaataasa laagiveka yaara gaaya .

taahaareo krishna naa chaadive sarvathaaya …”

In the above verse Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu is saying that the air which has touched the body of Lord Nityananda, if that air somehow comes to us and touches our body, even if small molecule of air touches our body which has touched the body of Lord Nityananda, then Lord Krishna will NEVER EVER give up that person again.

Generally we get in contact with Nitai’s vayu/vaat when we do camara or vyajan (peacock fan) seva and we have to be physically in close proximity to Nitai’s deity. But on deeply meditating on the above verse one can find that this verse is so closely related to Nitai Vayu lekhan practice also. When we do Nitia Vayu lekhan with our finger we touch the Nitai naam in air which is non-different from Nitai body(rupa) – “Name Nityananda tumi rupe Nityanand”. While touching Nitai naam in air one can subtly sense a sublime transcendental breeze of air flowing around ones finger and the effect of this transcendental vayu emanating from Nitai Vayu lekhan which touches the finger is “taahaareo krishna naa chaadive sarvathaaya” - Just see the power of Nitia’s transcendental vayu, that Lord Krishna NEVER EVER rejects/leaves such a devotee who is somehow in contact with Nitai’s transcendental vayu. It means even if we don’t hold to Krsna He catches us. What a safe mode of performing bhakti when we know that in Kaliyuga everywhere maya has laid her trap to get us entangled more and more into material world. What else we do want? Simply by performing Nitai Vayu lekhan we are getting such a great benediction. Sometime we run our PC in safe mode to protect it from virus. Similarly to get protection from the virus of maya we need to constantly practice Nitai Vayu lekhan, which is doing sadhana in safe mode and reap its benefit as advocated in the above verse. I am so thankful to Srila Nitaipreshthji Gurudev that he has revealed Nitai Vayu lekhan - a confidential, powerful and authentic practice to us, else we had very little chance to get in contact with Nitai’s transcendental air.

Joy Nitaipreshthji!

Joy Nitai!

Joy Nitai vayulekhan!

All glories to all the practioneer of Nitai Vayu lekhan!!

Mani manjari dasi

Today I nd vishesh went to the park for distribution of Nitai airwriting cards. We got very nice response. Around 70 cards were distributed. While distributing cards advaitsevadas prabhuji called for kirtan prgm. Then we attented the prgm. This was for the first time I saw Nitai syllables so clearly in kirtan. It was so blissful. Cant tell… Nitai is so merciful he bestowed his mercy to a fallen and sinful one like me. Today my faith in Nitai airwriting has increased manifold… Surely this was possible only because of Srila Nitaipreshthji Gurudeva… Jaya Nitai. Jaya Gurudeva… :raised_hands::raised_hands:

Radharani Dasi

Gurudev …Nitai vayulekhan is so blissful that I feel that Nitai is with me. I want to do it continuously… It gives unimaginable taste in Hare Krsna Mahamanta. Thank you so much Dear Gurudev.

Hema Gauranga Das

Yes dear Nitaipreshthji Gurudeva I have full faith in Ur divine Vani! ! I ALWAYS SERVES US C ONDENSED ESSENCE OF THE HIDDEN SECRETS OF ENTIRE ETERNAL RELEGION !!
With this highly potential Vayulekhan surely we would reach to our desired destination very quickly With the hope of guranteed success !!
I wish to increase my rounds with this golden ray of hope ! My problems r also getting favourable solutions fatafat n beyond expectations! ! Health is also improving, sleep is also became sound n can feel some diff. freshness throughout the day! ! We can have very good focus on Lord! ! All other inhabitants of this planet are also getting purifications !!I see the most potential Vayulekhan as the revolutionary instrument to bring Tsunami of Health, Happiness, Prosperity n everything spiritual benefits too in the lives of any types of people devotee or nondevotee!! Vayulekhan will takeup this mission up n up to make U n our doyal Nitai famous across the globe n there is no doubt about it! We all will see golden age soon in the whole world! ! !Joy Nitai !! Jai Shrila Nitaipreshthji Gurudeva! !
Even while writing in air manytimes we forget ourself n feels like entering in some diff.consciousness! !
Somany amzing unlimited glories of NitaiChand r coming in front of the eyes which were hidden previously n just by knowing n hearing them we feel somuch of purification of our material existance of contaminated consciousness !
U have awarded us NitaiChand in such away that our search for bliss since time immemorial has now come to an end with grand success and that credit goes to U only dear Nitaipreshthji Gurudeva! ! U have mercifully shown us a path about how to celebrate each n every moment as festival with real bliss! !Hum the ek gandee nalike kide aur aapne hume kripa karke bahara nikala! ! We r eternally indebted to You


From so many days I am getting spiritual dreams that I am chanting, doing Air writing and saying Nitai Nitai. Devotees also come in my dream and I feel as if all are saying that Nityananda Mahaprabhu is the Supreme One and Only One. And last night I saw picture of Nityananda Mahaprabhu dressed in blue. Must say this is all happening because of Nitai Airwriting!!

Adwaitseva das

Today while doing Airwriting…i was really shocked…
that how Nitai Nam blessing and Giving distributing its mercy my arising Various thoughts on the unparalleled mercy of Nitai…that how his nature is bound my Karuna…that he cares each and every minute and insignificant souls like us and help them at every step…how he forgives our offenses every time for which we have taken vow of not stopping

Hema Gauranga Dasa

Since Nitai Vayulekhan can take Its highly fortunate writer to the divine plateform of Topmost and Highest transcendental pure bliss, all inferior material attachments and tastes can go away completely within very short period of time and thus finally soul achieves successfully its true eternal n natural position! !

Bharteshvari Dasi

When I am doing Nitai bayulekhan in late night that sound vibration (above recording)seems Ni+i Trahi and I strongly feel that I will get Trahi/Mukti through Nitai Skyting, Jai Nitai,Jai Gurudev. …

Hema Gauranga Dasa [9/28/15] 120
Vayulekhan can demolish our false ego,
demolish our illusory material desires,
demolish our mountains of sins ,
demolish our anarthas, demolish all our material attachments,
demolish our mentality to enjoy over material nature, demolish thunderbault like stone heart to make it soft,demolish control of mahamaya and finally establish the eternal relationship of soul with Doyal Nitai n with ones own ishtadeva simultaneously! !

Vishvambhar Das

Writing divine syllables of Nitai in the air rewrites our destiny…redirect us from narak to Golok

(Nimai das) #2

Nitainam Lekhan offers one a wholesome new level on the path of bhakti. Like everything has gotten its true meaning. Deeper.