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Realization on Ganga Mata

(Nitaisevika dasi) #1

:sweat_drops: NITAI PUTRI GANGA :sweat_drops:

:hibiscus: Ganga Devi is the universal mother. She is overflowing with Vatsalya prema for all souls of this material world, and the waves of that maternal love drown those who take shelter of her waters. She takes away all the uncountable sins of whoever comes to bath in her waters, just like a mother unconditionally and affectionately forgives her child for all his offenses.

However, when the father of the entire creation, Sri Nitaichand, came to bath in her waters, for the first time, even Ganga devi - who has Vatsalya prema for all jivas, felt the urge to relish the rasa of being a daughter. Ganga, who is renowned for being affectionate upon every soul, now seeked for the doting love of Nitai. And isn’t it obvious why? The moment Nitai came before Ganga, she realized that He is truly her father in all respects…for it is only Nitai who can surpass her in her special traits of bestowing unconditional forgiveness and affection. Ganga devi is always relentlessly giving shelter to those who approach her, but Nitai runs after the souls who have no destination - agatira gati Nitai.

Like all the rasas, Nitai is the origin of Vatsalya also. Nitai has mula Vatsalya, because He is giving Vatsalya to Bhagavan Himself. Ganga devi gives Vatsalya to fallen souls, but Nitai is the giver of Vatsalya for even the Supreme Personality of Godhead Sri Gauranga Krishna. All the other forms of Vatsalya we see are originating from their primeval source - Nitai. They are only a shadow or reflection of Nitai’s pure love for His little brother. Hence, when the universal mother seeks for parental love, who else can have the capacity to bestow it?

Technically, Ganga herself has appeared from Nitai’s lotus feet. Ganga jara pada jala hara shire dhore. She is purifying the whole world BECAUSE she is the charanamrita of Nitai’s lotus feet. And Nitai is her father even in purification! Ganga devi forgives material sins, but Nitai forgives SPIRITUAL OFFENSES.

What are ordinary sins before suicidal aparadhas! Sins are only connected to the gross material body, but offenses cover our soul. Nitai performs the highest ceto darpana marjanam.

Ganga can surely take away one’s sins, but if after taking a bath one again takes up those same activities, that is not in her control. Those very sins which were washed away in her waters will again start accumulating. But Nitai uproots the very tendency to commit aparadhas, what to speak of sin! His name alone can completely purify the souls of this creation - bhramanda pavitra hoy nam laile jaar.

In fact even when Ganga devi felt overburdened by the sins of the Kaliyuga souls, Krishna assured her that His brother would appear and soon free her from that burden. He would saturate her waters once again with His own spiritual strength. So even when Jagat pavani Ganga requires purification, she awaits for Nitai! A father can always give protection to his daughter. Likewise, Ganga realized that, “Here is the personality who can give me shelter.”

When Nitai came to Navadvipa, He performed so many loving pastimes in Ganga. He frolicked in her waters even during the rainy seasons and gave prema to all the crocodiles. The crocodile is very dear to Ganga due to being her carrier. Nitai gave special attention to them to show favour upon Ganga. She felt a close connection with Nitai.

Another confidential reason is that Ganga was feeling a lot of separation from Gauranga Mahaprabhu and Nityananda Prabhu. She could not become Gaur’s daughter because He became a sannyasi. But when Nitai got married, she got hope. And Nitaichand, the fulfiller of all desires, knowing the desire of her heart, fulfilled it. :slight_smile:

One of Ganga’s chief names is Jahnavi, which we all know is also Jahnava Mata’s name. In the 12 names of Nitai, the fourth name is Jahnavi Jivita Pati. So there is also a connection between mother and daughter.

:point_up_2:Above is a striking realization on the connection between Nitai and Ganga devi… spontaneously shared by Nitaimani das prabhuji a few weeks ago at the banks of Manasi Ganga. The points are recounted here for the pleasure of all Nitaibhakts. :pray:

(vishal nitai) #2

Very beautiful composition in praise of Doyal Nitai and Ganga Mata

All glories to dear Nitaimani das Prabhuji and Nitaisevika dasi Prabhvi

(Vasudha Nitai dasi) #3

By Laxmipriya dasi: Joy Khadadahgram… Janmastan of JanhuVasuNitai’s Kanyya- Putra… Gangaaaaamataaaa & Virchandraaaaa. Gangamata & Virchandra are divine children of Nitai.
Gangamata is padjal of Doyal Nitai… So THEY both are Nitaigunmai like Adoshdarshi Nitai.

Joy Khadadahgram… Joy Sri Purander Pandit.
Khadadahgram is residance of Sri Purander Pandit… So Sri Purander Pandit also…Nitai-Gaurmai