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Raganuga Bhakti Secrets is revealed by Nitai Nam

(Nitaisevika dasi) #1

:cherry_blossom: Adosha darashi Sarva-aparadha bhanjana Nitai nam reveals to unqualified souls many more impenetrable Raganuga bhakti secrets and realizations than Gaur Radha Krishna Nam do or ever will in the conditioned stage. Radha Krishna Nam barely gives us bliss (the true pure bliss that madhurya nam is supposed to generate in the heart) when we chant in the clearing stage, because we have no ruchi or nam nishtha. Nitai Nam however, without weighing the extent of our personal endeavors, effortlessly illuminates the glory of that unreachable realm to us fallen souls.

Nitai Nam even gives us glimpses and small hints in the offensive stage or clearing stage in order to fire up the intensity our desire, just like boiling the milk. This is Nitai’s merciful tactic, He increases our hankering…so that we ourselves become sincere for rapid advancement. He endows us with “lobha,” transcendental greed.

In fact, even after we attain Nam siddhi in our present material body in the material world and we realize our swarupa, there are still some small experiences which can only be fully experienced after entering into the nitya dham, the spiritual world…due to the very nature of these ecstasies. They can only be felt in the direct presence of the Lord. These experiences are so highly elevated and profound, there is simply no way our material bodies can endure their influence.

However, a great secret which causes hairs to stand on an end…is that Nitai miraculously increases our spiritual sentience to take it very near to that supreme level…even while we are still in the material world! This is unbelievable! So even pure devotees feel the difference of incorporating Nitai bhajan versus only Radha Krishna bhajan. The ecstasies are experienced on a completely different level. The realizations are much more intense and vivid. Jagannath Babaji was a nitya-siddha, Rasika Manjari, but even he left Vrindavan and came to Navadvipa dham (which is sakshat Nitai and where Nitai personally grants His prema to everyone), proclaiming that His Nitai Gaur were more merciful. Gaur Kishor das babaji repeated the very same words during His own worldly pastimes and offered bhoga to His ‘Doyal Nitai’ daily.

These are nityasiddhas! They’re experiences are not affected by the material plane, they are already on the highest level possible, yet if they experience a difference in the potency of their bhajan…what to speak of fallen souls! Were our Acharyas forsaking Radha Krishna nitya lila darshan, no. Those nitya lila sphurtis became even more profound by Nitai’s mercy! And even siddhas hanker for that level of mercy to penetrate deep into the internal mysteries of the madhurya lila. Then imagine what must be the results of worshipping and coming in direct contact with Nitai via His merciful Nam aksharas during Nitai Vayulekhan. If such spiritual sentience is awakened simply by remembering Nitai during our bhajan, then what must happen when we touch Nitaichand…which is will inevitably purify our transcendental sense of touch and vision to perceive and see the spiritual world via Nitai (who is also Sandhini Shakti).

The last horizontal line, the 9th akshar in Nitai Nam is prayojan tattva…when Nitai grants us Raganuga prema. Therefore Nitai Vayulekhan is the direct medium to Raganuga bhakti. Nitai nam is not only a catalyst to madhurya prema, it is the magnanimous hidden process of intensification also.

Nitaisevak ganer seva abhilashi,
Nitaisevika dasi