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Question on Dhaam and Bhajan

(Hem Gauranga das) #1

Question: For neophyte student what is advisable…
To stay in Radhakund dhaam n simultaneously do Nitai bhajan Or To stay in Ekachakra dhaam and do Nitaibhajan to get qualification for other Dhamvaas?

Answer by Sadhu Maharaj: If one does ample Nitai Bhakti daily, one can stay anywhere in the world and still make tremendous progress towards Prema. That is the big advantage of Nitai Bhakti as it is offenseless, so it does not need the Dham per say, like Krishna Bhakti does.

(Hem Gauranga das) #2

Jai ho…kya baat aapne batayi dear Gurudeva…This gives really new hope n the Best option to attain Goloka …:dancer::dancer::dancer:Doyal Nitai is ready to become liberal to any extent if His sons r ready to hold His lotus feet with firm faith with His intense sadhna…:relaxed::+1:NitaiChandki Jai Jai Jai… Shrila Gurudevaki Jai Jai Jai…

(Nitaimani das) #3

Joy joy Joy joy Joy joy Joy Nitai!!!