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Pleasing Nitai by glorifying Gauranga

(shijar) #1

I have a question. Is it not better to glorify Gauranga, if someone wants to please Nityananda Prabhu? I mean I read in Nityananda charitamrita that Nityananda does not like if someone just gloryfies him (but I cant stop). And another point is that Nityananda wanted us to bhaja Gauranga, gaho gauranga, laho gauranga…if we do what Nitai wanted from us and worship Gauranga with all our heart and soul this will please him more than worshiping him ?
Nityanandas love for Gauranga is just behind our imagination and if we serve Gauranga, than we serve Nityananda in the best way. If someone loves the one you love, than you will love him too. Bhaja Gauranga Jaya Nityananda Hare Krishna

Answer by @Nitaimanidas

Why not worship Gaur in order to please Nitai?

Nitai says,

‘chaitanya’ seva, ‘chaitanya’ gao,
lao ‘chaitanya’ nama
‘caitanye’ ye bhakti kare, sei mora prana

“Serve Lord Gauranga, sing the holy name of Lord Gauranga and chant Lord Gauranga’s name in japa. Those who worship Lord Gauranga in this way are My life and soul.” (Chaitanya-Charitamrita Madhya lila 1.29)

Devotees often ask that “If Nitai is so much pleased with one who worships or chants Gaur’s name then why we are focussing so much only on Nitai’s name? If our goal is to attract Nitai’s mercy by pleasing Him then why are we not focussing on Gaur’s name which is most dear to Nitai?

Taking shelter of Nitai’s name ensures that we will gain the mercy of both Nitai and Gaur. However, when we take shelter of Gaur’s name we only ensure the pleasure of Nitai. At first glance this looks a little difficult to understand. Let me explain in detail.

When we take shelter of Nitai’s name then Gaur is surely pleased as Nitai, being Gaur’s greatest devotee, is extremely dear to Him. Not only Gaur but Nitai is also pleased when we worship Him by taking shelter of His name because He knows that we are giving Him more importance not because He is a greater God than Gaur-Krishna but because He is the greatest devotee of Gaur-Krishna. Nitai is the embodiment of all Vaishnav scriptures and all Vaishnav scriptures proclaim that the worship of the devotee of the Lord is greater than the worship of the Lord. As our focus on Nitai is in complete harmony with the most confidential injunction of the Vaishnav scriptures Nitai is sure to be pleased with our worship.

As far as Gaur’s worship is concerned, Nitai is certainly pleased when we focus on Gaur’s worship. However, in order to please Gaur we need to gain much more qualification than just taking shelter of Gaur’s name. The level of required qualifications is so high that it is practically impossible for us to actually please Gaur. Nitai can give His mercy to us because we are worshipping Gaur but Gaur may still reject us because we are not worshipping Nitai. Gaur will reject us because of His love for Nitai. He taught a similar lesson to Murari Gupta. However, Nitai will not reject us if we don’t worship Gaur separately, Why? Because He knows we are worshipping Him with the understanding that He is the greatest devotee of Gaur-Krishna. Thus, by worshipping Him we are indirectly and more effectively worshipping Gaur-Krishna only. And we all know pleasing Nitai is extremely simple as there is no qualification required to attract His mercy. You have to simply ask and you will get it.
I hope it is clear now.

Answer by @Ramanandadas

This seems to be a paradoxal question but with a simple example it can be easily answered. You have a king and his brother, both love each other and would do everything to satisfy each other, but only one has supreme authority. If the king asks you to pay your respects first to his brother but his brother asks to pay respects first to the king, who would you obey? The king or his brother? If you answer “the brother”, you could cause the kings’s wrath and he could order the royal soldies to cut your head there in the palace’s hall, but if you answer “the king”, even if you cause the brother’s anger, no one would be able to touch you without the king’s consent, even his brother. If you want to please Caitanya, don’t listen to Nitai who is Sevaka Bhagavan :smile:. This we learn with a passtime of Murari Gupta.

Answer by @Mohitkumar
And Shijar Prabhuji, another thing we always have to remember that is in fallen position such as ours, we are utterely unwualified to worship even Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu. Lord Gaura’s rules are very strict. In Chaitanya Bhagavata, He says, ki sayane, ki bhojane, kiba jagarane, “whether sleeping, or eating or waking up, You should remember Krsna!”. More than that, Gauranga Mahaprabhu requires us to give up sins on the offense of the holy name, and vaishnav aparadha, which the fallen souls cannot do very easily. What to speak of offenses, Lord Gauranga would not even accept Bhoga at the house of the Brahmins unless they did not chant 1 lakh names! This is a very high standard actually, for the jivas of Kaliyuga. However, everyone is eligible to worship Nitaai! More than that, it is by Nitai’s Krpa that we get the eligiblity to worship Gauranga. Jnana das thakur says 'je gauranga bhajite caye, se sarana lauka nitai chandera aruna du khani paye" “if you want to worship Gauranga, then you should take shelter of the two reddish lotus feet of Nitaai!”. Even narrottama das thakur says “are kabe Nitai chander karuna hoibe, samsara vasana mora kabe tucha hobe” When Nitai is merciful upon us, then this material desire will become so insignificent and finally we will be able to worship Lord Gauranga! This is the process, Infact those who worship Nitai, actually worship Gauranga in the most deep and pleasing way. Jaya Nitai!!

(shijar) #2

Woow…thank you prabhu for your good advice and your help to remove my doubts :pray::pray::pray:

(Hem Gauranga das) #3

thank u dear Mohitpg. n dear Ramanandadas pg.for beautifully explaining the question of Shrijarpg.and Lord also explains in skandapurana (that those who worship me directly r not my real devotees but those who worships my devotees r my real devotees !