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Please Nitai by Not Succumbing to Maya's Temptations!

(Nitaisevika dasi) #1

The after effects of falling into Maya even for a few brief minutes is so disastrous. Prabhupada used to say that sense gratification means impending suffering. We have purchased a ticket to pain the moment we succumb to Maya’s lures. Moreover it makes us so guilty before Nitai once we revive from the attack. Even a few moments in Maya sucks out so much of our devotional energy which we had accumulated through such a long period of sadhana. The deal is never worth it, and we realize it when it’s too late.

It is better to somehow become strong and avoid the temptations when Maya devi attacks.
The trick is that she will only test us for a little time and see if we give in. During this time, she will apply her full force. But if we are determined and do not budge, then we pass the test and the temptation wears off. It is just like resisting an itch. And the secret is, the more we will say no to a particular material desire, the lesser and lesser influence it will have on us. Eventually it will die just like a plant withers when not watered. If we stop giving it fuel, the fire will extinguish faster.

If we can manage to avoid the material enticements when they attack, Nitai will reward us beyond bounds immediately afterwards. He will become so pleased! We should think that this is our chance to please Nitaichand!

But even to say NO to Maya, we need a certain amount of will power. Will power is needed to carry out our will of fighting against Maya. To get that inner strength, we also need to seek Nitai! The process of gaining that strength is Nitainam Lekhan. We can please Nitai by avoiding material desires, and we can avoid the material desires by the potency of Nitainam Lekhan.

If we begin our day with Nitainam Lekhan, we are infusing ourselves with the necessary resolution required to push Maya devi away when she approaches us with her weapons. So whatever we do, we should not compromise on our Nitainam Lekhan rounds. It is our shield!

Nitaisevak ganer seva abhilashi,
Nitaisevika dasi