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Please Guruparampara and Radha Krishna

(Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj) #1

:hibiscus: To get Gaura Radha Krishna, don’t go directly to Gaura Radha Krisha, just come to Nitai first! Just like to meet a king, you can’t go directly to him, but you have to approach His closest aide first.

:hibiscus: Ever since I became a Nitaibhakta, I got the ray of hope that now what I will share with others will certainly benefit their souls and end their cycle of birth and death at the end of this very life itself, because everything about our Doyal Nitai is truly offenseless, with no layer of maya covering it even for the fallen souls.

:hibiscus: The whole Guru Parampara is highly pleased and smiling on us now because finally somehow the very essence of their teachings is being presented in the form of Nitai Bhakti. When the disease becomes a global irreversible epidemic, the most potent, instant, and accessible medicine of them all has to be revealed and administered.

:point_up_2: Nitaidhyan by airwiriting with your fingertip directly in the air in front of your face is much more easier to do than the moving dot meditation which is totally internal. So one can start with that first. It also makes it much more easier to remember the forms and meanings of each stroke by singing Nitainam two times as we airwrite and visualise each stroke with closed or open eyes. :raising_hand_woman: