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(Nitaimani das) #1

Welcome to the Global Community of the Nitai Vayulekhan Mission to discuss Nitai Bhakti! Do join us by clicking the Sign Up button on the top right and discuss or ask your queries. Your spiritual search ends here with Lord Nitai! We are a vibrant, caring, loving, and affectionate community of Nitaibhakts, willing to go to any extent to serve and help those souls who are or want to be attracted to our beloved Lord Nitai, the most merciful among all forms of God, in order to attain Lords Gaur Radha Krishna. Our Founder-Acharya Nitaipreshthji Bhaktiratna Sadhu personally guides everyone here! Joy Nitai! Hare Krishna! Joy Guruvarg!

(Vasudha Nitai dasi) #3

Joy Nitai! We are very thankful for this brilliant site. It has all Tattvas very clearly written in a simplified manner. The deep thoughtful writings of Nitaisevaks here leaves you totally stunned because its here where the spiritual nectar is churned from scriptures and brought for the whole world. I am constantly visiting and reading the articles to increse my faith in Hari Guru Vaisnavas.

(Nitai Shyam das) #4

Our mission is very different in a way that everyone is great and spiritually strong like a lion but still everyone is so humble…and weak persons like me are properly guided and kept in special care by all of you…Joy Nitaimani das prabhu ji…Joy Joy Nitaipreshthji Gurudev…:pray::pray::blush:

(Nitaisevika dasi) #5

The conversations are so full of warmth and website has wonderful writings. Feel so proud to be a part of the best sanga in the whole world…NITAI sanga. Its literally Nitai’s sanga…His love and affection pervades our whole group!
I think there is only one Guru in this world right now who gives this much time to His disciples to nurture them personally and that’s our MASTER Shrila Nitaipreshthji.

(Radhasakhi dasi) #6

I know people who have to wait for months for a formal two line reply from their Gurudev. Shrila Nitaipreshthji jaise koi nahi hain ! We are getting so much association of Pure devotee here in Nitai sanga.

(Nitaisevika dasi) #7

Yes but the greatest gift of Nitai’s mercy is receiving His greatest sevak as one’s Guru…which we have got by CAUSELESS MERCY!

(Mohit Kumar) #8

jaisa malik, waisa das. If Nitai is merciful, then you are the instrument of His mercy dear Nitaipresthiji!

(Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj) #9

This topic is no longer a banner. It will no longer appear at the top of every page.

(Hem Gauranga das) #10

Undoubtedly magnanimous Nitai Mission is the most eligible divine organisation which can provide the best n real solution for peace, prosperity n happiness to the entire world with the pefect guidance.!!

(Nitaichand das) #11

Haribol… Joy Nitai :raised_hands:The writeups of Srila Nitaipreshthji and the trio - Nitaimani das prabhuji, Nityanandi dasi mataji and Nitaisevika dasi mataji are so profound, deep and relishable that I read their posts 3 to 5 times. and even more … Joy Joy Joy… all glories to their super excellent writings. Joy Nitai :raised_hands: :raised_hands: :raised_hands: Joy Gurudev :pray: :pray: :pray:
Just like Sad Goswamis delegated the preaching responsibilities to Srinivas Acarya, Narottam das Thakura and Shyamananda Pandit, our Gurudev has also delegated to our trio - Nitaimani das prabhuji :pray: :pray:, Nityanandi dasi mataji :pray: :pray: and Nitaisevika dasi mataji, the preaching responsibilities and they are doing exceptionally well in preaching about Nitai bhakti. These 3 pure souls along with Gurudev are going to sweep the world with the waves of Nitai bhakti :pray: :pray: :pray: Joy Gurudev :pray: