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Overcome offensive mentality by Nitainam Lekhan

(Vasudha Nitai dasi) #1

Question by Jagannatha dasi mataji: i have a friend devotee she is almost 70 living alone and i go to visit her from time to time to help if she needs shopping ir so. She is very eager un reading Bhagavat Gita and has brahman initiation but she likes to comment rather inapropriate some times , she does aparadhas some time, should i avoid her or say her where she is wrong?

Answer by @Nitaipreshthji : The only way for her to remove her critical mentality is to do Nitainam Lekhan. Touching Nitai, the most humblest of all Lords and Devotees, instantly makes us stop criticizing others. If she is not willing to do that, no one can help her, including you. It is always the safest for our own Bhakti if we avoid hearing Vaishnava-aparadha at any cost. Unless we save ourselves first, how can we save others?

(Vasudha Nitai dasi) #3

Jagannatha dasi:
GURUDEV thank you shedding light in my life through Nitai Vayulekhan . It is the iltimate benefit for every jiva in this creation

(Dwaipayan Ghosh) #4

The gift (Nitai Namlekhan) that Nitai gives through Nitai’s priyajan Nitaipreshthji to the world has no comparison …When a living entity do Nitai Namlekhan that time his all anarthas are vanquished and Nitai gives him the Buddhi-yoga and Hari-namruchi …I came to know about Nitai Vayulekhan by VasudhaNitaiDasi Mataji but that time I had failed to understand It’s glories and I had criticized Maharaj many times …I beg pardon from all of you and Nitaipreshthji for those days …but when I start to do vayulekhan my all doubts are vanquished and I came to know Nitai is working through Nitaipresthji and all the Nitai Bhaktas to rescue all the fallen and rascals (‘me’ [Dwaipayan] the most rascal and fallen) of this age out of His causeless mercy …Please forgive me if possible …Dandavat pranam in lotus feet of All …Jai Nitai !!