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Our four daily duties

(Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj) #1

:hibiscus: Please divide your day into these four parts.

  1. :zzz: :sleeping: Sleep long and deep in a radiation-free place with pure air, till you are fresh enough to do Harinam and Nitai Gunjan for at least 4 hours daily, immediately after your morning duties if possible, with deep remembrance of the Lord’s form and pastimes in the holy names. Sound sleep is so important in the beginning stages that those who don’t sleep well will not be able to do their sadhana or seva with deep remembrance.

  2. :prayer_beads: :woman_in_lotus_position: There is no other shortcut in life to resist destructive thoughts except to nourish your soul and mind by hearing Harinam, Nitai Gunjan, and Nam-Lila Kirtan for at least 4 hours daily, out of the 24 hours given to us. The ideal set by Lord Gaura is 8 hours (Laksheshwar). So 4 hours is the bare minimum daily dose to train and cure our mind, even if you are the busiest person on the planet. This is what it takes to ensure our entry into Vraja at the end of this very life. It does not come cheap.

  3. :gift: :hugs: Share Harinam and Nitainam with others by various real-life and online means daily, to ensure Kripa-siddhi for yourself, and further guarantee your entry into the Nitya-Lila in this very life itself.

  4. :post_office: :policeman:‍♂️ And finally do your occupational, family, and bodily maintainence duties, along with the sound of Nitainam or Harinam playing in the background or in earphones, so that your mind and heart remain like a lotus flower :tulip: throughout.