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No Difference Between Nitai and Krishna

(Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj) #1

:hibiscus: Nitai Gives Us Radha-Dasyam As Ananga Manjari in Madhurya Rasa
By Shrila Bhaktivedanta Narayan Maharaj

:tulip: “Don’t think that only Caitanya Mahaprabhu can give gopi prema. Also Nityananda Prabhu can give. He is guru. He is serving Krishna in vatsalya rasa, sakhya rasa, dasya-rasa, all rasa, especially in His Ananga manjari form, being the younger sister of Radhika, oh, He’s serving Krishna and Radha both. That is why He can give, in Ananga-manjari form, even gopi prema. I’m telling for you, all cannot understand, only for you. Something? Little bit you understand? What I told? Go on? What I told that Nityananda Prabhu also can give?” Sometimes Radhika gives Her seat to Ananga-manjari. She sits on the right side of Krishna, and She makes Ananga-manjari sit on the left side of Krishna."

(On Nityananda Trayodashi, at Bali, Indonesia, February 6, 2001)

:hibiscus: nitai krishna kabhu bhed nai
ananga mandira nitai’i kanai

This verse is shastrically correct because Nitai entered into Kanai Lord Bankaraya in Ekachakra and became one with Him, so there is no difference between the two Lords, who were non-different brothers right from the beginning. And after this disappearance of Nitai into Krishna, Jahnava mata requested that Her neem deity as Ananga Manjari (younger sister of Radharani) be placed on the right of Krishna who is also one with Nitai now.

:hibiscus: SRI NITAI-BADI PRANAM : (composed by Dwaipayan Ghosh) : :cherry_blossom::herb::blossom:

jaya jaya nityananda ekachakra nath,
pado’padma diya more karo atmasat !

ami ati papi, aparadhi, durachar,
kripa kori thakur mor karaho uddhar !

sarva jiv uddhar prabhu kebol toma hote,
tava kripay e ami
jenechi bhalo mate !

tai tava nam loiya rasanay,
tava pado’padma chintiya hiyay

tava sthan sob dekhite dekhite,
aasiyachi natha ami tomar badi’te !

Shrila Gurudev: You made me cry :joy: dear Dwaipayan and about to shout to Nitai

:hibiscus: Hearing the sound or mentally picturing the syllables (निताइ) of Nitainam is the beginning of all auspiciousness for the jiva in Harinam.

:hibiscus: By forcing us do to defend Nitaitattva, Nitai is playing another deliverance-trick of making us more dear to Him and His liberal associates.

:hibiscus: Thank you dear prabhuji for your strong faith in Nitaitattva. Every time someone belittles us due to Nitaitattva, I take it as a chance to defend Nitai and illuminate Nitaitattva even more and make it more clearer to please Gaura Krishna, because we have nothing to hide and fear about when we have always remained loyal to guru, sadhu, and shastra.

:hibiscus: Oh Nitai. I have always learnt that even if something happens in our lives which is not want we wanted, there is a some special purificationary and beneficial purpose and plan of Nitai for us behind it, which we slowly start seeing after it happened. Nitai runs the life of His Nitaibhaktas with very specific attention and care, so it can’t have happened without His sanction. And He never sanctions punishment, so it must be pure mercy only in order to change something in our lives which He wants us to change to come to Him even more quickly.

:hibiscus: Vamshi Krishna das:
We need to immerse ourselves in the pleasure of chanting the Holynames to get out of the temptations of Maya which is always dragging us down

Shrila Gurudev:
Yes you are right and before that in the pleasure of hearing pure sound vibrations dear Vamshi. Always remember that shravanam comes before kirtanam.

:hibiscus: Dear Laura, Whether we speak up or not, an aparadhi will continue to do harm because of his or her nature, unless he or she remorsefully takes full shelter of Nitainam, Nitai Lila, and Harinam. The biggest punishment in the world cannot stop him or her. We may think it is the right thing to do. But speaking up will only complicate our simple lives and implicate us in controversies, tit for tat, and subtle vaishnava aparadhas towards many others also. As Kaliyuga degrades, we should give up the hope for any kind of justice, revenge, or correcting others. Just mind our own business of making this our last life in this material world and helping others for the same with a detached mind. Nowdays, very few truly listen and try to change themselves even from their parents, teachers, or the people of authority over them. So there is absolutely no use of speaking up by us who don’t even have such authority over them.