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Nityananda Tryodashi Celebration

(Nitaisevika dasi) #1


NITAAAIIIIII!!! The most merciful tithi in the whole creation Maha Maha Patita Pavana Nityananda Trayodashi is coming to deliver all the degraded jivas of Kaliyuga. This tithi is nondifferent from Param Dayal Nitaichandra Himself.

As this day is approaching one can feel the enthusiasm to do bhakti, the excitement, the energy, the bliss-everything increasing exponentially! Nitai is so merciful that even before His appearance He is increasing the pleasure and seva-bhava of all His devotees.

Nitai boro doyamoy!
Achen sada nija bhaktera sebay tanmoy

Nitai is very merciful, He is always immersed in the service of His devotees

This tithi is like a powerhouse of bhakti, but Nitai is so kripalu that He begins abundantly supplying the energy from this powerhouse even before the day arrives! As if He is unable to control Himself and keep Himself from waiting to give all the love and mercy! What a Lord, He is more eager than us to give the mercy we are dying for!

As each day, each hour, each minute, each second passes, the desire to welcome the Most Merciful Lord in all of creation for all time to come (Sri Nityananda) is overwhelming the heart. So much to do, so many little things the heart yearns to do for the Lord on this special day to just show a particle of gratitude because it is utterly impossible to ever thank Him enough for what He has given -it is priceless. Every day Nitai does so many things for us, helps us in sooo many countless ways. It is not possible to describe or elaborate all of it.

From the smallest of the smallest things to the biggest of problems, Nitai is always by our side unconditionally. All devotees must be well-acquainted with this fact. :slight_smile: We experience so many miracles every day when we call out to Him intentionally or unintentionally. Miracles have become a part of life. At times it feels like He comes even before we can remember Him. The reason I am doing bhakti is the gift of Nitai. Actually we are all doing bhakti because of Nitai. And this is that day when the Supreme Lord came to distribute that bhakti which is rare for even Brahma (brahmara durlabha prema sabakare jache).

It is the day Nitai Guna Mani, the sun of Kaliyuga, rose in Ekachakra to give the whole world which was never given before—Gauranga Prem. Krishna prem is rare, but Gauranga prem is the rarest! Nitai has made His advent to flood this whole brahmanda with that prem which is His property. Indeed He is Gaur prem personifed. And since this day is nondifferent from that Gauranga Prem Rasa Tattva Pradarshak Nityananda Ram, it also Gauranga prem personified!!!

tumi se bujhao caitanyera premabhakti
tumi se chaitanya vakshe dhara purna shakti

“You descended to give Gauranga-prema-bhakti. Indeed, You are the full potency of Lord Gauranga.”

He is the abode of all of Gauranga’s potencies. Yet He is running after the souls who are running away from Him! He has made His advent to run after the souls influenced by Kali.

murkha nicha adhama patita uddharite
tumi avatirna haiyacho prithivite
ye bhakti vanchaye yogesvara muni gane
toma haite taha paibe jeta jane

“You descended to save the fallen, wretched, foolish, and low class people. By Your mercy, everyone easily achieves devotional service that is aspired for by great sages and mystic yogis”

If one does not worship such a merciful Lord, then what is the use of this life? There seems to be no end to the long time waiting for this day to come. Finally a day to express sincere gratitude to the Lord of our Life and thank Him from the bottom of our heart for every single gift and treasure which He has given us! No one-NO ONE- would ever get devotional service if it weren’t for Nityananda! Why? Because He is that devotional service personified. If it weren’t for Nityananda, then would Gauranga allow aparadhis like us to ever associate with His pure devotees? Nitai is the one who broke the dam which was trapping the river of prema from flowing everywhere…He was the one who flooded this whole universe with the ocean of Gaur prem! Without any restrictions, He allowed this flood of Gauranga prema bhakti to drown everything. (Nitai will inundate everyone’s heart with Gaur prem on this tithi too…just give Him a little space to enter, He will be more than happy to. :slight_smile: ) We have Audarya nam, Audarya dham only because of Nitai. Audarya means the overflow of compassion and complete forgiveness of all offenses. Uttama adhama kichu na kare vichaara. It is Nitai who forgives all our offenses and compels Gauranga Raya to accept us as His servants. Not only does Nitai not consider our offenses but He also destroys them completely. It would not be wrong to say that Nityananda IS Audarya personified.

(This is why this tithi is called Aparadha Bhanjana Trayodashi. It removes all our anarthas, aparadhas and the other obstacles from the path of our spiritual progress. Therefore it is a prime necessity that each and every devotee should observe this tithi very seriously.)

We all want to attain residence in the dhama, if it weren’t for Nitai, how would there be any dham? Nitai is the dham-sandhini shakti of Sri Krishna! We are all chanting the holy names which is the only hope for Kali–Nityananda is the Proprietor of that Name, Harinama Pradam Devam. He is not only the Proprietor, He is the mantra personified! Sarva mantra swarupasya!!! We are getting delivered by allowing Him to appwar on our tongues in the form of the holy names. We all want Krishna prema. Nitai is the absolute treasurer and bestower of that prema, Krishna Prema Prada Prabhu. Above all, how did we all begin to walk on this path of bhakti…because of one very important person—GURU. If Guru Maharaj and the Guru Parampara was not there to hold our finger, how would we ever be here? What qualification did we have? Guru is our savior and that Guru is an empowered form of Nityananda (Adi-Guru). We are in bhakti because He has given us shelter. Can we possibly thank Him enough? Never. But if we get a chance to show a little bit of gratitude then where is the harm? Let us offer our cent percent, our all in all in this Nityananda Trayodashi. And remember Nitai is alway sooo grateful!!! You give Him one drop, He will give you an ocean in return.

Planning on doing so many things, yet whatever I do seems insignificantly less. Do I deserve even one millionth of what what Nitai has given? No way, in no possible way. Yet He gave and is giving unconditionally. The least we can do is to remember Him on this day. My list of “to do’s” is just growing and growing. I would like to share with all the devotees here who may be able to give more ideas and bless me that I become eligible to them.

  1. Prayers to Guru Parampara, Mangalacharan, Guru vandana (Nitai is more pleased when our Acharyas are pleased)

  2. Offer Tulasi devi pranams-Vrinda Devi Ashtakam (and beg Her to grant us residence in Ekachakra dham)

  3. Shivashtakam before Patal Shiva of Ekachakra (We can get Nitai’s darshan only by his mercy)

  4. Glorify all of Nitai’s Associates by chanting their name and calling out for their mercy. Pray to the Dvadasha Gopalas. Read CC chapter 11 (glorification of Nitai’s associates)

(the Lord is bhakta-vatsal and loves His devotees more than Himself. :D)

  1. Chant pranam mantra of Jahnava Mata and sing Bhavarnave Pade Mor, Jaya Jaya Sri Jahnava Gopinatha Vallabha

  2. Internally chant and loudly sing His Holy Name constantly (preferably jagaran the night before)

  3. Chant the 108 Names of Nityananda

  4. Chant the 12 Names of Nityananda (9 times at least minimum, that way it is 108 Names)

  5. Read Nitai lilas (as much as possible)

  6. Nityanandashtakam (by Krishnadas Kaviraj Goswami and Vrindavan das Thakur)

  7. Read 100 names of Gauranga which were sung by Nitaichand Himself (Nitai loves Gaurnam more than His life)

  8. Nitai Chalisa, Nitai arti, Nitai Gita verses

  9. Offer Dahi Chida to Nitai

  10. Chant the special Nitai pranam mantras

  11. Nitainam Lekhan while hearing Gurudev’s Nitainam Kirtan Nectar

  12. Read the Chapters of Chaitanya Charitamrta glorifying Nityananda (Adi 5)

  13. Sriman Nityananda Dvadashkam

  14. Hear Gurudev’s Nitai katha

  15. Kirtan and sing His appearance day bhajans

  • Radha majhe Ekachakra
  • Radha deshe nam ekachakra gram
  • kiba Ekachakra pure
  • Prabhu Nityananda Ram rupe gune anupam
  1. Try to chant Harinam with as much as remembrance and love for Nitaichand as possible

We can also sing as many Nitai bhajans as possible. Like Nitai Gunamani amar, Nitai pada kamala, Boro sukher khobor gai, Antare Nitai bahire Nitai, Mana Nityananda bali dako, Pahu mor Nityananda Raya, Jaya jaya Nityananda Raya, Akrodha Paramananda Nityananda Raya, etc