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Nitai's Service is the Key to Gaurhari's Heart

(Nitaisevika dasi) #1

The nature of Gauranga’s love for Nitaisevaks is like that of Krishna’s fondness and admiration for the manjaris. Since Srimati Radharani is His life and soul, Her personal maidservants, who are fully engaged in lovingly serving Her lotus feet day and night, reserve a very special position in Nandkumar’s heart. He holds them in the highest regard. He adores them and internally worships them. They are doing that which He Himself aspires to do! Krishna is looking at the manjaris and wondering, “Oh how I desire to have such love for My Radhe! How I wish to serve Her like this!”

Similarly, Nitaichandra is the dearest to Gauranga Mahaprabhu. Gaur is always aspiring to somehow serve Nitaichandra, however Nitai being very cunning and expert…makes it very difficult. :innocent: But Gaur feels immense happiness and bliss when He sees that service, which is so much desired and sought after by Him, being performed by others. He immediately raises His two lotus palms and starts showering that soul with blessings. Gaurhari’s love for Nitai is always increasing…when He sees others also sharing that mood, His attachment to them becomes stronger. If you fall in love with serving Nitai, Gaurhari falls in love with you. So the key is to always remain immersed in Nitai sewa.

Joy Joy Vishvambhar Pranpriya Nitai!
Nitaisevika dasi