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Nitai's humility: The highest expression of pure love

(Nitaisevika dasi) #1

:hibiscus: jā’re dekhe tā’re kahe dante tṛṇa dhari’
‘āmāre kiniyā laha bhaja gaurahari’

eta bali’ nityānanda bhūme gaḍi’ jāya
sonāra parvata jena dhūlāte loṭāya

When we sing these lines, we usually meditate on Nitai’s humility, however it is also the highest expression of pure love.

It is true that Nitai falls to the ground out of humility to beg the fallen soul to take Gaurhari’s name, however another internal reason is that it is also out of uncontrollable, overwhelming love for His brother.

Nitai has so much love for His master that the moment He utters His Lord’s name before the jiva, He can no longer remain standing. Torrents of tears start gushing out from His eyes and He goes totally under the influence of that love. Etho boli Nityananda bhume gadi jay. Notice, He can only say so much before He begins to roll on the ground in ecstasy…etho boli Nityananda. Not a single word more after “Gauranga”.

Vrindavan das Thakur also describes the same: aha re Gauranga boli pade bhumi tole. Jiva Goswami fainted the moment a devotee in Navadvipa said “Nityananda”. It is a sign of excessive love when we lose consciousness simply upon hearing or speaking our beloved’s name.

During his last days when Bhaktivinoda Thakur was immersed in bhajan, whenever someone would ask him about Krishna, he would become so taken aback by ecstasy that it would become impossible to even say “Krishna”. This is love. The person would immediately understand upon seeing his transformations, “Ah, this is Krishna”.

So Nitai is not only manifesting His heartbreaking humility before the jiva, He is also exhibiting the height of Gaur prem before that fortunate soul. He is showing them a glimpse of the prem that He is begging them to accept.

:hibiscus: nāhaṁ tiṣṭhāmi vaikuṇṭhe
yogināṁ hṛdayeṣu vā
tatra tiṣṭhāmi nārada
yatra gāyanti mad-bhaktāḥ

“My dear Nārada, actually I do not reside in My abode, Vaikuṇṭha, nor do I reside within the hearts of the yogīs, but I reside in that place where My pure devotees chant My holy name and discuss My form, pastimes and qualities.” (Padma Puran)

The Supreme Personality of Godhead proclaims that out of all places, He is personally present only where His devotees are engaged in glorifying Him.

This applies truly to Nitaichand. Where is it certain that Gauranga Mahaprabhu will inevitably ALWAYS appear? The answer has been given by Gauranga Mahaprabhu Himself in Caitanya Charitamrita. Wherever Nitaichandra performs His magnificent pastimes of dancing in mad ecstasy of Gaur prem.

Gauranga comes running wherever Nitaisundar is dancing. Nitai’s bhavonmatta premoddanda nritya is in truth the highest glorification of Gaur Krishna. Even from His anklebells the sound of Gaur Govinda’s glories are ringing as He dances in Kirtan.

Even when Nitai was dancing in Raghav Pandit’s house in Gauda desh, although Mahaprabhu was at South India during that time, He appeared on the spot to relish His brother’s enchanting dancing. And the moment Nitaichand sensed that His brother had appeared, He stole the chance to reveal the secret by exposing Mahaprabhu to all devotees who were present.

:hibiscus: Advaita Acharya became mad in grief when Nitai disappeared. When Mahaprabhu left, Advaita Acharya had Nitai, but after Nitai left His condition became like that of a fish without water. At that time He was also remembering His pastimes with Nitai as Vishvarup. Sri Vishvarup was Advaita Gosai’s pran.

Vishvarup’s pastimes are very sweet. It is described in Caitanya Bhagavat that it is only in the loving association of Vishvarup Prabhu that Advaita Gosai’s heart felt some relief from the burning pain of seeing souls being averse to Vaishnavas and Krishna Bhakti. The Supreme Lord Gauranga was still concealing His identity at that time, so Advaita Acharya’s only solace was Vishvarup. In Vishvarup’s presence, all other sorrows were forgotten. The bliss He derived in Vishvarup’s association is indescribable.

All devotees would hear the discourses of Advaita Acharya and Prabhu Vishvarup in such a rapture, they would forget if it was day or night.

Similarly Vishvarup Prabhu, who was also distraught seeing the condition of the Navadvipa vasis forgetting Krishna, found the pure transcendental knowledge of Bhakti flowing only from Advaita Acharya. Thus they both had become inseparable.

Advaita Acharya did not wish to leave Vishvarup’s association for a single moment, neither did Vishvarup ever desire to go elsewhere.

With Nitai His relationship was playful, filled with transcendental quarrels and familiar exchanges. With Vishvarup however, it was more like Nitai’s exchanges with Madhavendra Puri. Nitai was His intimate companion from the very beginning. We have no capacity to understand His depth of love for Nitai and the pain He must have undergone after Nitai’s disappearance.

(The above was a realization shared by Nitaimani das prabhuji in Kirtan)

Written by Nitaisevika dasi, eternal servant of Nitaipreshthji Bhaktiratna Sadhu and a humble wife and Shiksha disciple of Nitaimani das prabhuji