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Nitainam Dhyan- A Powerful Bhajan

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(Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj) #1

:eyes: How to Nitainam Dhyan for Harinam Siddhi?

:eye: Think that a white dot is slowly moving through the black syllables of निताइ as shown in the attached video. Minutely visualize only the surrounding shape and surface of the syllables around this moving dot in your mind’s eye wherever the dot goes.

:tulip: The Forms of the 10 Syllables of Nitainam Dhyan for Instant Siddhi in Harinam Japa, Kirtan, Katha Shravan, and Lila Smaran are shown in the attached photo.

:arrow_forward: Nitainam Dhyan video:`

:herb::tulip: You can do this visualisation of Nitainam Dhyan in your mind with open eyes while looking anywhere, after you have watched the video. You can keep on looking at the moving dot in the video if you can visualize better that way. And, finally, you can close your eyes and do it also, if you can visualize better that way. You can mentally adjust the speed of the moving dot to give yourself enough time to visualize and capture in your memory all areas of the surrounding shape around the dot at a particular point of time, in the clearest manner possible.

:hibiscus: Nitainam Dhyan for Harinam Siddhi is the very cream, essence, and summum bonum of my 28 years of progressive Bhajan from 1989, and my 18 years of seeking the truth from 1971-1989. There can be nothing more than this. All the Gaura Radha Krishna Bhakti I have, and everything else I have, is due to only this Nitainam Dhyan.

:sparkles: Just like millions of streams of Radha Krishna lila emanate from Gauranga lila, similarly millions of streams of both Gauranga lila and Radha Krishna lila emanate from Nitai lila. So just make hearing and singing Nitailila your life and soul and you will automatically enter into Gaura Radha Krishna lila very soon without any extra effort.

:sparkles: Nitainam Dhyan is the most deepest form of Nitai Vayulekhan and its utimate goal to visualize the syllables in the most crevices of our consciousness to remove our anarthas from the very root.

(Nitaimani das) #2

I am falling in love with Nitainam Dhyan. It can be done anytime. And now anytime one can be with Nitai. One can really feel that Nitai is with him. This Nitainam Dhyan is purely internal. It feels Nitai is very close when we visualize the strokes in our mind. The experience is amazing. It is like seeing Nitai, touching Nitai, embracing Nitai, falling at the lotus feet of Nitai, and much more.

:hibiscus: Nitainam Dhyan is making my spiritual life more and more alive everyday.

(Nitai Bhikshu das) #3

Perfect presentation! I have an even better understanding of what Nitainam Dhyan is after reading this earlier.

This Namdhyan destroys inattentive chanting.

(Nitai Seva das) #4

Nitaibol!!! Jaya Jaya Shrila Gurudevaa!!!
Yes prabhuji it is really amazing,could feel a tinch of what you wrote. Superbooster…
Need every Nitaibhakta blessings to dive deep in mental Nitai Naamdyan.

Jaya Jaya Nitai Dandvat pranaam Shrila Gurudev and all Nitaibhaktas :pray: :pray:

(nav) #5

I am falling in love with this too. The diagram is such a gift and blessing. Thank you.